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The Benefits of Using a Restoration Company After a Flood

8/25/2022 (Permalink)

Burst and rusty pipe When a pipe bursts you need help from a professional water cleanup company.

The Advantages of Hiring a Flood Restoration Company

A flood in your office building can cause you much distress, not to mention extensive damage. The water can ruin building materials as well as furniture, electronics, and personal belongings.

Whether you need to attend to pipe burst cleanup or other damage-causing issues, you need professionals to help. There are advantages to enlisting a professional water cleanup company to handle repairs and restoration. 

1. Quick Response

Something such as a broken pipe can result in widespread water damage. You'll want someone onsite as soon as possible to assess flooding and begin cleaning up. The good news is that a restoration company can respond within 24 hours of your call. You can expect fast service, even on the weekends or holidays. 

2. The Right Equipment and Methods

When it comes to pipe burst cleanup, there are steps you can take on your own to mitigate the damage. However, if the flooding was significant, you won't have the capacity to do the job on your own. Fortunately, the professionals have high-quality, high-grade tools and equipment at their disposal. These tools can address water removal, content cleaning, and rebuilding and restoring the building. 

3. A Sewer Cleanup Company Has Experience

Water removal companies have a proven track record of cleaning up after commercial flooding. The technicians you hire will have worked under similar circumstances before. No job will be too big. 

4. Companies Can Clean an Assortment of Items

After removing any water in your Shawnee, KS , building and thoroughly drying the area, technicians will address damaged items. Using specialized techniques, the company can dry and clean documents, furniture, and even electronics.

Technicians will also replace ruined carpet and hardwood as well as drywall and ceiling tiles. 
It is easy to see how to pipe burst cleanup can be an overwhelming job. But if you hire the right water cleanup company, you can salvage your building and belongings. 

What Would Mold Remediation In An Olathe Business Premises Require?

8/23/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall Mold infestations tend to spread quickly if the environment permits. Contact our certified team to evaluate the situation and help.

SERVPRO Helps with the Safe Removal of All Moldy Materials during Mold Remediation

If there is mold in your Olathe, KS business premises, you can expect unsightly patches on wall surfaces, musty smells, and other inconveniences that may interfere with your regular operations. Remediation can help address all the issues if done properly.  

Mold remediation in your Olathe business premises can take different processes depending on the areas affected or the duration of the infestation. SERVPRO helps in many ways, including setting up containment, damage assessment, air filtration, and cleaning of contents or belongings.  

The crucial steps for restoring mold include:

  • Mold inspection
  • Mold removal
  • Black mold damage repairs

Although mold is readily visible when it develops on surfaces, inspection is essential to identify any hidden colonies. An inspection also helps reveal the level of deterioration of the affected materials. Root-like mold hyphae tend to penetrate materials searching for food, meaning that the problem is not limited to the masses on surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians prepare to teardown all affected porous materials.

Preparing for teardown and cleanup can take various steps. Setting up containment barriers is crucial since it helps prevent moldy materials from spreading beyond initially affected areas. It also helps maintain indoor air quality. Our SERVPRO technicians use plastic sheets and metal poles to set up the necessary barriers. Setting up negative air pressure machines within the enclosed barrier helps prevent fine debris from escaping into the air. 

Other processes that help improve the remediation process include:

  • Using antimicrobial products to kill spores
  • Using air filtration devices to remove suspended residues
  • HEPA vacuuming surfaces to remove settled spores

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley perform thorough mold remediation restoring business premises to their preloss state. Call us at (913) 782-4693. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

When Should You Call an Olathe Flood Damage Specialist?

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO green vehicle Our storm damage technicians have the equipment and experience to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

SERVPRO Helps Olathe Residents Deal with Flood Damage

If you notice minor flooding in your house, you might be tempted to deal with it yourself. After all, it might seem like a hassle to call out a flood remediation company for a small amount of water.

If you are wondering when to call a specialist to look at flood damage in your Olathe, KS home, the answer is “as soon as possible.” Even if you have mopped up visible water, there are still some associated flood damage risks:

  • Wet materials such as carpets or wallpaper can provide a breeding ground for fungus.
  • Depending on the water source, there is a risk of contaminants.
  • Water can seep into walls and baseboards and cause damage to your home’s structure.
  • Wall insulation may become waterlogged and need replacing.

SERVPRO trains our teams to deal with all of these issues and more. We can advise you on what to keep and what to toss away. We can also dry your home and belongings, apply microbial treatments, and deodorize your property.

Most Common Business Losses Following a Water Leak

7/21/2022 (Permalink)

Leaking pipe Leaking pipes can seep water into your building’s walls and floors, causing structural damage.

The Most Common Business Losses As a Result of a Water Leak

A water leak in your Merriam, KS, building can have many potential sources, including damaged pipes, weather events, and freezing temperatures. The cause of a leak or flood is often out of your control, but if you know what to expect following an event, you can prepare adequately as a business.

1. Property and Infrastructure Due to Flooding

Leaking pipes can seep water into your building’s walls and floors, causing structural damage. Often when pipes are repaired, it is also necessary to rip up any flooring or walling that blocks access. Depending on the severity of the leak or flood, assets such as electronics, furniture, and important documents can also be damaged because water has a way of getting into everything.

If excess water in your building is not addressed immediately and thoroughly, a more insidious type of damage can manifest long-term. A slow leak can go unnoticed for a long time and may eventually become a larger flood. This prolonged moisture, in turn, significantly increases the risk of mold. Once mold has taken hold, you may even end up replacing drywall and carpeting to be rid of it.

2. Time and Revenue Due to Water Damage

The time it takes to come back from water damage is valuable time lost. If employees cannot work from home, repairs to damaged pipes, walls or floors may even put your business at a standstill. Repairs that are not covered by insurance can also cut into profits. Be sure to check what kind of coverage you have before it becomes necessary. You should also research reliable commercial water damage restoration services in your area so professionals can mitigate further damage by quickly cleaning up.

Whether it’s a haywire fire sprinkler or damaged pipes, water leaks can cause a wide range of business losses. If you are aware of what may happen, you can build buffers and protocols into your disaster plan to minimize these losses. Don't let your business get caught unprepared in Merriam, KS.

What Are Unusual Ways Minor Water Damage Becomes a Big Problem in My Home?

7/14/2022 (Permalink)

water leakage from a wall SERVPRO is committed to mitigating the water damage to homes of Lenexa, KS

Resolving Water Events of All Sizes Fast Is How SERVPRO Protects Lenexa Homes from Big Losses

Famous last words from a homeowner struggling with expensive and disruptive water property destruction often start with a rueful statement that the cause seemed like a relatively minor problem. Mopping up a puddle inside a cabinet or putting down a towel under the refrigerator because you believe, without any real proof, that the kids spill water daily, quickly show to be inadequate short-term “band-aid” solutions. We can help residential property owners in Lenexa, KS when water loss circumstances require comprehensive and analytical assessment and permanent professional resolutions.

What Are Little Leaks in My House Telling Me?

When homeowners choose to minimize the importance of repeated water damage in their Lenexa home, they run the risk of severe, permanent, and expensive damage. Anytime you see water, where it should not be, an alert should sound. For example, a recurring leak around or in the tracks of a sliding casement window may signal something much more sinister than your failure to close it during a rainstorm. What in reality is happening could be structural leaking due to one or more of the following:

Can Water Leak Through a Window Frame?

Water can intrude around a window frame because:

  • Buildings settle, and temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause wood framing around openings to swell and shrink, warping the window or the frame so that gaps permit water to leak inside.
  • Installation issues, including failure to use effective vapor barriers and specialized flashings.
  • Dried-out glazing putty, poorly applied paint, and failed caulking beads all contribute to improper seals which allow water seepage.
  • Leaks in the roof or the siding above the window can percolate inside the cavity between the interior and exterior wall, eventually breaking through and damaging your home through the window opening.
  • Settlement in the foundation that skews the square of windows and doors

How Can Condensation and Appliance Use Cause Water Damage in My Home?

A common household water damage source in many Lenexa, KS homes is condensation. It might feel like an annoyance rather than a threat, but homeowners must address the challenges of condensation forming in unexpected places or failing to drain appropriately. Where is condensation likely to become a problem?

Air Conditioners

Many AC systems use condensation to cool by reducing the humidity inside your home. Warm, moist air flows over cold coils, and moisture condenses on the cold surfaces. The now-liquid water vapor moves into a drain pan and funnels into a condensate drain line. If the drain pan cracks or the drain line is clogged, the water can flow down walls and onto floors.

Refrigerators and Freezers

The refrigerators and freezers can collect ice from the compressor coils that provide the cold and freezing air inside these appliances. Self-defrosting units periodically move through a warming cycle to reduce the ice, which is frozen condensation. Similarly to the drainage in an AC system, if the drain pan cracks or drainage line clogs, water can escape and saturate the floor under the appliance.

Labor-saving devices are many in the average home. Typically, these appliances use water, often plumbed directly through pipes and houses. Homeowners can take these conveniences for granted, surprised at how often water damage can stem from their use.

Water and Ice Maker Supply Lines

Increasingly refrigerators are equipped with water dispensers and automatic ice machines. Freestanding ice makers are also common. The freshwater lines that provided the water can leak, often without notice, as they are threaded through walls and behind cabinets.

Dishwashers and Laundry Machines

The pumps and hoses used by dish and clothing washers can fail or crack, spilling water in kitchens or utility rooms. The leaks can start very small, but the accumulated corrosive effect of many days, weeks, or even months of water seeping onto fixtures and structural components takes a heavy toll.

How Does Water from Leaks and Condensation Drainage Negatively Affect Your Home?

The water leaking from waste or supply lines or spilling from drains can collect under appliances, saturate cabinets, soak carpets and several layers of flooring, and even destroy drywall. Structural components become weakened, and mold damage can become an issue. A failure to intervene earlier might now necessitate extensive repairs and even partial demolition.

How Can a Water Restoration Company Help?

Our team at SERVPRO has the training, experience, and equipment to assess what seems like insignificant water damage before it becomes a crisis. If the water damage has caught you unaware and built up to a significant problem before we arrive, we also are capable of scaling our services to manage even complex water loss scenarios.

How To Avoid Kitchen Fires

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

Woman in a stove with flames Avoid kitchen fire in your Olathe, KS home

How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

There are few things so warm and comforting as inviting people to your home in Olathe, KS, for a meal you have prepared. What is meant to be relaxing can turn into an emergency if a fire breaks out in your kitchen, though. Fortunately, kitchen fires are easily avoided if you take a few key safety precautions. Here are three tips on how to avoid kitchen fires.

1. Give It Your Attention.

Do not leave cooking food unattended. If a burner is on, you should be in the kitchen. It only takes a moment for something to boil over and catch fire or for small fingers to find their way to the burner in your absence. It may seem like a hassle to turn the stove off just to retrieve something from another room, but it's well worth the trouble if it keeps your home from suffering fire damage from a kitchen fire. Protect your home and your loved ones from danger by paying attention when you're cooking.

2. Keep Your Stove Clean.

A dirty stove is a recipe for a disaster. Not only does built-up grease have the tendency to draw insects, it can also cause a grease fire. Cleaning all cooking surfaces regularly can help you avoid fire caused by oil residue.

3. Keep Flammable Objects Away From Heat Sources.

If something can catch fire, it should not be near the burner on the stove. Pay attention to the tips on food packaging that warn you to keep it away from heat. Wear form-fitting clothing while cooking, especially on your arms so that sleeves don't dangle into danger. Potholders, recipe cards, and kitchen towels have their place in the kitchen. That place is just not on the stove.

To be able to feed yourself and others can be a wonderful feeling, but having to call fire restoration specialists to fix your kitchen is not. By following these tips, you can avoid a kitchen fire and enjoy your meal.

4 Tips for Drying Out a Water-damaged Building

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment set to remove moisture in movie theater due to water damage SERVPRO of Olathe/ Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue can properly assess the safety of the area as well as provide help drying, sanitizing, and repairing.

4 Steps to Drying Out a Flooded Building

Whether your commercial space has been hit by a natural flood or a leaking pipe, it is crucial to dry out the structure to limit the extent of water damage. A water damage cleaning and restoration company can properly assess the safety of the area as well as provide help drying, sanitizing, and repairing the space. However, there are a few things you can do before help arrives to get ahead of the situation. Here are four damage tips in the event your Shawnee, KS, property has been infiltrated by water.

1. Consider Safety First
Always be cautious when dealing with a flooded area. Consider your personal safety before entering a water-logged space and be wary of electric shock hazards and harmful elements within the water such as sewage. 

2. Check for a Pipe Burst or Other Cause of Water
Once the area is safe to enter, one of the most important damage tips is to determine the source of water. Doing so may be able to pinpoint the damage and most of the repair work to one area, such as a bathroom with overflowing toilets or one area of the roof that’s leaking.

3. Open Windows
Opening the building's windows may sound simple, but it is actually one of the most important cleaning tips you can do before restoration professionals step in. This allows for air circulation and can help to draw moisture from the building.

4. Don’t Force the Drying Process
Until help arrives, it may be tempting to crank up the heating or cooling systems to dry out the building. However, this may end up causing more damage. Allow for experts to assess the situation and develop a plan for drying.

When water hits your business, keep these damage tips in mind to get a head start on the drying and repair process until help arrives.

4 Common Issues That Can Cause Water Damage to Your Business

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe Burst If your business utilizes old, rusty pipes there is a higher chance of experiencing cracks or leaks in them.

4 Problems That Can Lead to Water Damage in Your Business

Your Lenexa, KS, business is susceptible to water damage via acts of nature and preventable causes alike. Here are four of the most common water issues that affect commercial buildings and how you can treat them. 

1. Broken Pipe or Water Line
Several factors can contribute to a water line break, which ultimately results in pipe leaks and flooding. Most often, this occurs due to poor maintenance of pipes. If your business utilizes old, rusty pipes there is a higher chance of experiencing cracks or leaks in them. Routinely inspect plumbing and call a water damage mitigation company if you suspect there is a broken pipe within your building. 

2. Fire Sprinklers
Any building lined with fire sprinklers could face unexpected water damage. Whether they are set off due to fire or by faulty operation, these sprinklers can quickly soak a commercial space. Have a specialist test sprinklers regularly to make sure they work properly. 

3. Toilet Overflow
A common plumbing issue, toilet overflows can create major headaches for business owners. This issue can typically be fixed using a toilet snake or plunger to clear a clog, though experts may need to be called if those efforts don't get the job done. 

4. Leaking Roof
An extensive water repair project could take place if you have a leaking roof. Like a water line break, there can be many contributing factors to a compromised roof such as severe weather or regular wear and tear. A compromised roof can produce water damage if heavy rains leak through the building. Regular roof maintenance, as well as gutter cleaning to avoid water from collecting, can prevent these types of leaks and building damage. 

If water damage is present in your commercial property, it may likely be due to common issues such as a broken pipe, fire sprinklers, toilet overflow, or a leaking roof.   

What To Know About Fire Sprinkler Maintenance To Avoid Water Issues

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Sprinkler System Performing routine sprinkler maintenance to your building's system is the best way to keep them functioning correctly.

If Your Fire Sprinklers Go Off By Accident, Here Are Five Things You Should Do.

Any business with a fire sprinkler system installed faces relief in getting unexpected flames extinguished quickly. However, improper maintenance of these sprinklers can not only have them malfunction in the event of an emergency but could set them off accidentally. Here are a few key things to know about keeping the sprinkler system in your Olathe, KS, building fully operational.

Routine Sprinkler Maintenance Is Crucial
With luck, your commercial building will never see a fire spark to set off the sprinkler system. However, if a fire were to break out, you want the system to trigger on when it needs to. This is best achieved with routine maintenance to a variety of components in the system. Steps you can take to keep the system fully functional include:

Checking water pressure on a quarterly basis
Keeping sprinkler heads clean of any grease, grime, or residue

Checking control valves weekly to make sure they are open to water flow
Hiring a fire service expert to perform an annual inspection of the whole system

These sprinkler maintenance tips can all promote proper function of the fire sprinklers, but in the event the system is activated prematurely there are a few steps you can take. 

Locate Shut Off Valve
Knowing how to access and switch the shut-off valve of the sprinkler can best reduce water damage upon accidental activation. Taking swift action here is key to limit the total losses from a faulty sprinkler.

Contact Water Damage Professionals
Facing water damage is inevitable when the sprinkler system is set off. If the building floods after an accidental activation, immediately call a water damage restoration company to handle the cleanup and begin repairs.

Performing routine sprinkler maintenance to your building's system is the best way to keep them functioning correctly. In the event that sprinklers are set off prematurely, turn the shutoff valve and contact a water damage cleanup crew.

The Process for Efficiently Draining a Flooded Basement

5/30/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded basement Since the water will need to be lifted from the basement to a higher level, industrial water pumps are often essential.

The Method For Draining A Flooded Basement Quickly

A basement flood calls for a fast and knowledgeable response. The livability of your home in Prairie Village , KS, demands this. The process is not an easy one and each situation is a little different, but an experienced water damage restoration franchise will know exactly what to do. Trained technicians will arrive on the scene soon after being called and will immediately assess the situation. A project manager will develop an efficient plan to remove water and limit damage to the home and its belongings.

Water Removal From a Flooded Basement

Since the water will need to be lifted from the basement to a higher level, industrial water pumps are often essential. This submersible equipment will operate off the power from a vehicle or it will connect to the home power supply. Once in place, the pumps rapidly remove water from the home, pumping out gallons every minute. Fast water removal from a basement flood has numerous benefits:

  • A reduction in water damage
  • An increase in safety
  • A decrease in humidity levels
  • A clarification of the situation

Once the standing water is gone, the project manager can reassess the situation. The next step is usually to use wet vacuums for smaller water amounts and then dry out the moisture in the basement.

Home Cleanup and Restoration

Much remains to be done after the basement is dry, including talking with your agent about insurance coverage. The source of the problem will be looked at to prevent a recurrence. Technicians will also look for damage to electrical components, drywall, carpeting and insulation. Professional cleaning and sanitizing will kill germs and prevent the growth of mold. Any damaged structures will be restored before the job is complete.

The success of cleaning up a basement flood begins with the efficient removal of water. It then proceeds to a complete restoration of the impacted area.