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Seeking Specialized Contents Smoke and Fire Cleanup in Olathe?

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

A room with soot and fire damage A fire in your home can be crucial, let SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley assist you.

SERVPRO Offers a One-Stop Fire Damage Restoration Experience for Olathe Residents

Although the fire damage to structures inside a home is sobering, many find more profound heartbreak when treasured possessions need smoke and fire cleanup. Olathe residents can rest assured that our highly skilled technicians will address structural and content fire and smoke remediation.

How Does SERVPRO Manage Contents During a House Fire Clean-Up?

The furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions distributed throughout your Olathe home took a real beating from the flames, heat, and smoke of the fire. Extinguishing the fire also exposed your and your family’s property to water damage. As SERVPRO crews move through your dwelling assessing and restoring fire damage to building materials, we do not ignore the contents. Still, we might suggest alternatives to restoring articles directly on site:

  • Shift Contents

If your property has a secure, dry, climate-controlled, and fire damage-free space, move items there for staging, evaluation, and restoration if possible.

  • Pack-Outs 
  • The SERVPRO production facility is also a good option if your home lacks appropriate storage space. Using our unique Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS), crew members sort, pack, and transport articles, tracking each with traditional lists, barcoding, or digital photographs. 

What Resources Are Available at SERVPRO Production Facilities?

Olathe residents entrust many items to SERVPRO for water, residue, and smoke remediation. The following are examples of common fire damage restoration resources and strategies for some of your home’s contents:

  • Industrial washers and dryers, plus access to dry cleaning experts for clothing and other fabrics
  • Freeze-drying for wet documents and pictures
  • Containment pods for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorization, and controlled drying
  • Immersion tubs for soiled non-porous articles 
  • Ultrasonic systems to dislodge sticky soot or manage intricate detailing
  • Wanded extractive cleaning systems for fire-damaged upholstery and rugs

Count on SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley to mitigate and remediate structural fire and smoke damage, as well as restore contents. Call (913) 782-4693 to explore your options.

Can Lenexa Flooding Cleanup Occur During Snowy Conditions?

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

Ice and snow on the roof of a home Yes, SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley is here to assist your storm damaged property.

SERVPRO Prepares for All Types of Basement Flooding Water Removal Services in Lenexa

Because precipitation is frozen does not change the necessity of storm flooding cleanup in Lenexa. Plunging temperatures and snow cover can make water removal services tricky. Still, our certified and well-equipped crews have seen it before and bring their training and experience to restore water damaged areas in your home.

How Does Flooding Occur During Winter Storms in Lenexa?

  • Winds

Fierce winds can bring debris crashing onto roofs or into siding during an ice storm or blizzard in Lenexa. It takes no time for a leaking roof from storms to develop when the slush and snowmelt encounter warmer interior air. 

  • Ice Dams

A cozy snow cap can hide treacherous ice dams along clogged gutters and roof edges, sometimes leaking days after the storm once a few melt and refreeze cycles force water through cracks in shingles or under poorly adhered flashings. 

  • Frozen Pipes

Sub-freezing temperatures cause inadequately insulated pipes, especially on exterior walls, to freeze and crack, flooding into lower levels of Lenexa homes.

  • Ground Level Thawing

Ice and snow buildup around foundations can create “moats” of liquid water as the temperature increases. This rising water can drain into the basement of your home.

What Strategies Does SERVPRO Use to Mitigate and Remediate Cold Weather Flooding?

SERVPRO Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained crews assess and plan for flooding cleanup following industry best practices. To mitigate further leaking from the roof and snowpack, our teams spend time clearing ice and snow, channeling meltwater away from the interior of your home. Basement water cleanup includes:

  • Pumping and extracting, using SERVPRO’s truck-mounted or portable equipment as circumstances indicate
  • Tracing water migration with moisture detectors to ensure we find and release trapped water
  • Configuring heaters, air movers, and dehumidifiers to normalize moisture levels 

Winter storms do not deter SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley. One call to (913) 782-4693 brings highly qualified restorers to your home up to the challenge of removing both frozen and liquid water.

Is Demolition Part of Olathe Commercial Water Damage Restoration?

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Water on a grey floor SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley understand how important your business is. Let us help you out.

SERVPRO Uses Partial Tear-Outs to Build Back Flooded Olathe Businesses Stronger

Often Olathe commercial water damage mitigation and remediation contractors recommend demolition during emergency services. The water damage itself seems to pale compared to the disruption of business operations suggested.

Why Does SERVPRO Include Demolition as Part of Water Damage Remediation Strategies?

If standing water remained static after burst pipes, ceiling leaks, or basement flooding occurs, water removal services for your Olathe Business would be straightforward -- extraction, containment, and lawful disposal of visible fluids equal a job completed. In reality, leaks and flooding spread comprehensively throughout a commercial structure. Many building materials are porous, soaking up moisture like sponges. Cracks and crevices permit water to migrate over, beneath, and behind structural components, resulting in long-term and progressive damage, leading finally to weakening and destruction:

  • Woodwork, cabinets and framing swells and distorts
  • Flooring and floor coverings of various types warp, buckle, detach, delaminate, and permit water percolation into a commercial building’s load-bearing substrate.
  • Drywall and plaster form cavities that eventually trap so much water that they collapse, destroying other structures and placing occupants in harm’s way.
  • Secondary water damage such as mold growth takes hold.

How Can Controlled Demolition Support Rapid Restoration?

Replacement or repairs of most building materials in an Olathe business facilitates quick restoration and rebuilding, “Like it never even happened.” Here are some examples:

  • Sagging ceiling tiles rebound after we punch weep holes or remove (and replace) a few tiles to release water.
  • Drilled or sawn holes in drywall or plaster also release water and accommodate drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers. 
  • More significant “flood cuts” remove irreparably damaged materials and open the area for unimpeded drywall erection, mudding, and painting -- a crisp, clean way to restore the look of interior spaces.

Trust SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley to use best practices and all resources available to get your business back on track after water damage. Reach out day or night at (913) 782-4693 to schedule an assessment that considers all your options.

Mitigation Steps Taken After Pipe Bursts in Olathe Homes

12/22/2021 (Permalink)

air movers in stripped washing area SERVPRO positions centrifugal air movers to mitigate water damage in an Olathe utility area after a supply line break

Our fast response to clean and restore water-damaged Olathe homes protects properties from further damage.

Mitigation is the initial wave of actions our professionals take when we are first notified of a water damage incident for a local home or business. Our fast response to emergencies ensures that specific actions targeting the worst damage get started as soon as possible.

Clearing Surface Water Concerns

Initially, water damage mitigation in Olathe homes must target active threats directly like standing surface water. Pooling of any kind is highly destructive to exposed materials and contents, making it a priority to use various extraction tools and pumps to manage this water threat quickly.

Structural Assessments and Repairs

Our experienced professionals must determine the condition of exposed structural elements. After situations like burst pipes, our general contractor license ensures that repairs can get started quickly. These capabilities also allow us to conduct controlled demolition and full-scale build back when restoration completes.

Thorough Drying Solutions

Drying is one of the earliest processes that our professionals want to start. These options help manage surface water concerns and protect the exposed materials in areas where the damage occurred. Key elements in this process include:

Mold Prevention Solutions

Another vital mitigating step that our professionals can take to protect your property further and prevent unnecessary harm is safeguarding against the development of mold and microbial threats. With naturally occurring spores in nearly every environment, moist conditions become a breeding ground for colonies. Inhibitors and cleaning products make certain services uninhabitable by active spores and protect against destructive mold development.

We appreciate the importance of mitigation after a water damage incident in your home. Our commitment that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster means we are arriving quickly to get these emergency services started when they can be the most significant help. Our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley teams are ready to respond 24/7 at (913) 782-4693.

Restoration Products Target Specific Obstacles of Olathe Fire Restoration

12/2/2021 (Permalink)

smoke alarm buzzing  smoke in air SERVPRO is ready 24/7 to cleanup and restore your fire and smoke damaged home in Olathe

Our team relies on many cleaners and products to manage the restoration of fire-damaged Olathe properties.

Fires can form rapidly and require several unique practices to restore and clean. Our rapid-response team can help with the full measure of our cleaning products for every need a fire-damaged home might have.

Soot and Smoke Removal

Fire and smoke cleanup for Olathe homes often relies on products and tools explicitly designed for soot and smoke soil removal. Some of these include:

  • Solvents – these products utilize a principle of dissolving with a similarly-composed chemical to eliminate much of the soil threat on the surface. 
  • Detergents – Another solution involves a chemical process to emulsify soils and pull them from their attachments with the hosting materials for easier wipe cleaning. 
  • Chemical Sponges – Chem sponges are rubber-like products designed to pull soot from affected materials when not damp or oily. 

Malodor Removal Solutions

Removing odors can be a substantial need of the property. Olathe homes can rapidly become overwhelmed by harsh smells created by combustion, so our experienced professionals prioritize employing our powerful products and equipment to help. Counteractant products in our inventory can lessen the severity of offensive odors.

Refinishing Supplies During Restoration

It is often necessary to refinish or repaint surfaces affected by fire damages, but even that ultimately requires an additional level of cleaning and restoration. Based on the type of material and its desired appearance, specific actions might be needed.

  • Wood Crème Pastes – These products help with the damage that wood grain surfaces and fixtures might experience. It has a gentle abrasion to remove set-in soils and restore the original sheen of the wood. 
  • Odor-Sealing Primer – When repainting is needed, odor-sealing primers prevent trapped smoke odors from ever reappearing.  
  • Abrasive Media Blasting – Aggressive and abrasive cleaning measures can often be necessary for many installed structural elements to prevent tear-out.

When disasters like fires strike, our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley teams are ready to help 24/7 at (913) 782-4693.

Water Restoration and Repairs Olathe Homes Need During Cold Snaps

12/2/2021 (Permalink)

snow covered house, trees SERVPRO says to be prepared to prevent frozen pipes, ice dams on the roof, and water damage in Olathe. Call us for advice now, or restoration later

We provide fast and efficient mitigation and restoration for Olathe homes after water damage.

The winter months usher in several costly and destructive threats for your home in the form of freezing pipes or intruding snowmelt. No matter how your property becomes affected, our SERVPRO team is Here to Help.

Frozen Pipes Burst or Leak

The need for frozen pipes and ice damming cleanup in Olathe homes is not all that uncommon, with severe temperature drops and the city's placement near significant water bodies like the Missouri River. Frozen pipes create immediate issues for households, making responses for extraction and mitigation vital from our experienced team. We make it a priority to:

  • Re-establish water service
  • Repair damaged plumbing
  • Prevent continued damage

Can This Water Damage Be Prevented?

It is possible to reduce or eliminate the possibilities of frozen pipes and the subsequent resulting damage. Insulating exposed plumbing is an excellent start to protecting your lines. Foam tubing and tape are common materials to shield pipes from cold air.  Other solutions include maintaining warmer temperatures in your house during cold snaps and not shutting off your heat if you leave for extended periods in the winter months.

Ice Damming Along Roof Edges

Ice damming can be a threatening situation for your residence. The buildup of ice on the eaves of the roof can allow snowmelt to force its way back underneath shingles and into your attic space. When these situations occur, our experienced professionals can work to both repair the damage to the roof materials while managing the water with equipment like:

  • High-pressure pumps
  • Wet vacuums
  • Air movers

How Can This Emergency Be Prevented?

While you can do little to affect the weather conditions outside your home, there are steps that you can take to help reduce the possibilities of ice buildup along the eaves of your roof. The first and most effective is installing heated cables along the most susceptible areas to prevent any ice. Secondly, you can ensure that the attic's insulation against the roof is sufficient and devoid of gaps, and capable of preventing warm air leakage that can cause snowmelt on the roof.

Sometimes winter damage cannot be avoided, so you must rely on efficient and knowledgeable restoration professionals like our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley teams. We offer effective mitigation and restoration solutions for recovering situations like burst pipes or flooding during extreme winter weather events. Give us a call today at (913) 782-4693.

Experienced Remediation Professionals for Mold-Damaged Olathe Homes

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on a brown wall with a outlet Mold damage needs immediate attention, call SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa.

There are multiple benefits to trusting certified SERVPRO professionals for remediating mold damage in Olathe properties. 

When you are dealing with mold issues in your home, experience, and a fast response matter. You will find that our technicians have the expertise and the knowledge to evaluate the situation and provide efficient mold remediation solutions to protect your home and its contents as soon as possible.

Evaluating the Damage 

It might not be immediately clear what type of mold remediation Olathe homes might require, so our team works with effective mitigative actions to begin repairing damages. Evaluations conducted by our experienced project manager can showcase where remediation is needed and the threat level. One of the purposes of inspection is to choose what mold removal technique will work best based on factors like:

  • Type of mold
  • Location of damage
  • Condition of hosting elements

Industry-Leading Equipment and Products

An advantage of choosing our SERVPRO team for mold remediation is the available equipment and expertise. Equipment ranges considerably from the air movers and dehumidifiers needed to eliminate moisture in an affected space to products designed to handle several aspects of full remediation. Potent cleaning and biocide products manage:

  • Harsh odors
  • Mold inhibiting
  • Antimicrobial cleaning

Ongoing Training in Remediation Niches

Yet another advantage of choosing SERVPRO for mold remediation is our commitment to training and growth in our mold recovery efforts. Coursework and training provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) produce talented and skilled professionals that continue to grow year after year. We have certified AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians to restore your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Mold and microbial threats can develop fast in moist environments, making it critical to have a team of remediation professionals available 24/7 to help. From mold inspections to the execution of elimination strategies with active colonization, many look to our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa team to help. We are available anytime at (913) 782-4693.

How Does Vapor Pressure Impact Drying in Lenexa Homes?

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on flooring Understanding what water damage can do to your home is imperative, call SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa.

Careful mitigation and restoration ensure that the affected structure in a Lenexa home gets dried. 

Mitigation and restoration of your home after water damage incidents are impacted by many factors and variables. To reduce the severity of vapor pressure and humidity in the drying zone, we deploy several tools to effectively eliminate standing water and lower humidity ratios like:

  • Air movers
  • Wet vacuums
  • Desiccant and low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers

The Correlation of Humidity and Vapor Pressure

The generation of vapor pressure can impact water removal in Lenexa homes. Moisture content in the environment affects the weight of the air mass and the subsequent pressure it can produce. This vapor pressure measures the force that gases exert on sensitive surfaces in the drying space. The higher the vapor pressure, the more widespread and damaging water emergencies can become.

The Movement of Moisture Seeking Balance

Equilibrium plays a considerable role in the efficiency and effectiveness of drying practices that our SERVPRO team implements. When humidity is high in a damaged space, the vapor pressure is also high. Drying principles are consistent in that high pressure seeks low pressure to create a stable balance between the two. This introduces moisture into otherwise dry materials as the atmospheric moisture content moves.

Reduced Humidity Improves Drying

Lower moisture in the air means the air is less dense. The fewer grains and weight involved, the lower the vapor pressure. The lower pressures and humidity ratio means the less that the air within the affected space migrates to dryer areas seeking balance and equilibrium. Dehumidifiers like desiccants can considerably reduce moisture content.

Understanding complex drying sciences is one of the advantages of choosing our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa team for restoration and recovery. We appreciate the severity of these situations and provide quick solutions based on the migration of moisture and the severity of the damage in the house. Our water restoration team is standing by to help 24/7 at (913) 782-4693.

Are There Differences in How Clean Surfaces Must Be After Olathe Housefires?

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

fire damage on the walls and ceiling of a hallway SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa can help tackle your Olathe fire damage. Give us a shout when you need us.

Some wall surfaces to be painted might require less soot removal in Olathe properties. 

In restoration, our team must be thinking multiple steps ahead of the current action to make the entire recovery process as efficient as possible. It is often necessary to determine whether surfaces getting cleaned are refinished, repainted or if nothing happens to them. The extra effort with these structural elements determines the extent of cleanliness required from restoration actions.

Removing Loose Residues from the Surface

Before most of the fire damage restoration in Olathe homes can get underway, we must first overcome the heaped soils and particle deposits on exposed materials in the house. In a lot of cases, it will not be until much of this initial build-up gets resolved and discarded that a proper evaluation can occur to determine what restoration action is necessary. Removing debris and soot often involves:

  • Dry Vacuums
  • Soft-Bristled Brushes
  • Steel Wool
  • Scrub Brushes

Cleaning for Paint 

Our technicians are cleaning for paint in many cases where medium or heavy soot and smoke residue deposits exist. This phrase indicates the ultimate objective of using odor-sealing primer and a fresh coat of paint to overcome the aesthetic marring of the material.

What If the Surface Is Not Getting Painted? 

Sometimes it is determined that the surface will not ultimately require resurfacing, so light soil removal efforts get underway. With materials like wood paneling or wall systems that are not painted, more concentrated efforts must be devoted to removing built-up soils and clearing residues affixed to the surface.

With such a variety of potential surfaces and contents requiring restoration after a fire, having a thorough inspection and evaluation of the damage can maximize mitigation efficiencies. Our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa team quickly learns the ultimate cleaning process for wall surfaces to produce the desired results. Give us a call today at (913) 782-4693.

Experienced Fire Restorers Remove Soot Damage Fast in Lenexa Homes

10/21/2021 (Permalink)

"Smoke and soot cleaning" Smoke and soot can reach the remote areas of your home. We can remove the odors. Call SERVPRO today!

Post-fire Cleanup of Lenexa Homes Often Means Choosing The Best Cleanup For Soot Damage. 

Fires can destroy contents and building materials in your home, and worse than this, add a challenging deposit of soot and smoke damage to remove afterward. Soot removal is one of the key ingredients of complete, successful fire restoration.

The Type of Smoke Damage Present 

There are several types of smoke and soot residues that can exist after fire damage in Lenexa homes. What materials are involved in the combustion that creates aerosolized solids impacts the chemical makeup of the soils settling on surfaces. Changes in this composition change the smoke remediation approach.

Condition of the Underlying Host Materials

The inspection process can often require crew chiefs to assess the condition of affected materials thoroughly. Sensitive surfaces can have their finish ruined or become stained by acidic residues and soils, so a sampling of remediation strategies is common to determine the best cleaning approach moving forward.

Wet and Dry Cleaning Solutions for Soot Removal

When it comes to removing soot from the surfaces it impacts, we take the information we have gathered and put it to use. Because there are several strategies for reducing the severity of soot residue thickness, choosing the right approach can dramatically lessen restoration times. Some of the common methods for soot removal in homes include:

  • Chemical sponges
  • Wet surface cleaning
  • Dry ice pellet blasting
  • Abrasive cleaning/steel wool
  • Controlled demolition

Soot removal is one of the common threads of fire restoration in homes and businesses, yet the process itself changes considerably from one location to the next. Experienced fire recovery professionals on our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley teams can respond fast with mitigation and cleaning options to make restoration as efficient as possible. We are ready to help 24/7 at (913) 782-4693.