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We Have the Flood Water Removal Techniques You Need for Results in Kansas City

3/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment sitting on the flooring in a home. Flood damage can take over, let SERVPRO help you get your Kansas City home under control.

Kansas City flood damage ? SERVPRO will get the job done right.

Any number of emergencies can happen within your home. However, flooding and water damage is often something most homeowners mistakenly try to tackle on their own. This is the type of restoration project that is at the highest level in terms of emergencies, so it calls for the help of skilled technicians to get the job done right. If you find yourself faced with flooding, you need to know that there is more than water that is cause for concern.

For flood water removal in Kansas City, SERVPRO springs into action to assess the task at hand. Our trained technicians work quickly to try and salvage as much of your interior contents and structure as we can. This is done by testing any remaining water and scoping your interior to find the water migration path. We then determine what equipment must be used and start the restoration process.

Floodwater Can Be Dangerous

Unlike a burst pipe that spills a great deal of clean water into your home, floodwater is often contaminated with elements like dirt, debris, chemicals, and even sewage. SERVPRO technicians test the floodwater in your home to determine the level of potential hazard so that we know precisely how to proceed.

Controlled Demolition

There are times when flood cuts are necessary when SERVPRO is called to a floodwater loss. Whenever the floodwater comes into contact with sheetrock, it is quickly wicked up through the core and then begins traveling upward. Our team measures beyond the highest watermark, cutting several inches above it to ensure that the unsalvageable materials are removed. This then opens the cavity of the wall to allow for thorough drying.  

Mitigation Safe Practices

We often advise homeowners to stay away from any flooded areas of the home. Even without contact with the floodwater, the chances are high of aspirating airborne particulates that may contain harmful bacteria or pathogens. All of our SERVPRO technicians are outfitted in protective gear, including respiration equipment, to stay as safe as possible throughout the flood water restoration project.

Do you need help with immediate flood water removal? With one phone call to our team at SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa, we can send out a team promptly to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Your Best Guide to Water Damage Remediation in Kansas City

3/15/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged flooring Regardless of the room that has the water damage, team SERVPRO is ready 24/7 to take your emergency call. Call right away.

Kitchen Water Removal in Kansas City Gets Fast Action

The speed at which water damage gets cleaned up makes a big difference in the amount of loss a homeowner experiences. When a bathtub overflows, toilet backs up, or appliance malfunctions, all of these situations require expedited extraction and drying. 

Kitchens are one of the most common areas of water removal needs in Kansas City residences. The floors often bear the brunt of the loss as tile flooring is typical, and water seeps quickly between the tiles and causes moisture buildup in the subfloor. 

Common Issues of Longterm Water Loss

Two of the most frequently seen reasons for significant damage from water narrows into two categories. The first is inadequate initial cleanup efforts, and the second is too much time between the event and the restoration process. Before they even get out their moisture detection equipment, SERVPRO technicians know to look for: 

  • Delamination of tile
  • Foul odors
  • Signs of mold infestation
  • Softened or buckled sheetrock
  • Warped floorboards 
  • Water spots on walls and ceilings

Equipment for Thorough Extraction

The way the water removal process gets handled has a bearing on the rest of the restoration services. The more moisture that gets picked up lessens the time needed to dry the structure. The less water that remains within the floor and subfloor increases the potential of saving the homeowner the cost of replacement. The techs commonly do several dry passes to ensure the maximum amount of moisture gets removed before moving on to the drying phase. SERVPRO techs have access to a vast array of specialized extraction equipment such as: 

  • Portable pumps
  • Submersible pumps for water more than 2-inches in depth
  • Truck-mounted units for debris-filled and large amounts of water
  • Ride-on units for use on carpets and area rugs 
  • Weighted extractor heads to push water out of carpet and padding
  • Squeegees to push water along tile flooring
  • Wands to extend the reach within wall cavities and small spaces

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa at (913) 782-4693 has the advanced equipment for water removal of any scale in local properties. The experienced techs are available 24/7 to restore properties to their preloss condition "Like it never even happened."

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How SERVPRO Removes Water From Kansas City Commercial Properties

3/3/2020 (Permalink)

Water damaged room. Carpeting pulled back to allow for drying Carpet and padding quickly feel the effects of water damage. SERVPRO has the expertise to restore your water damaged office.

Commercial Water Removal in Kansas City Office Building 

A half-an-inch of water does not sound like it could do much in the way of commercial water damage. That is until it is spread over an entire office, saturating the carpet.  

The property owner of an office building in Kansas City contacted SERVPRO for commercial water removal. A pipe burst overnight and dumped water onto the floor throughout the property until the morning when the manager opening walked in on this scene and immediately shut off the water to the building.  

Scoping the Water Loss 

Upon arrival, SERVPRO techs scoped the water migration and found nearly half an inch of water throughout the office. This water extraction job was more significant than using portable pumps. The techs used a truck-mounted pump to pull the water off the floor quickly to expedite the removal. Other techs followed up using portable pumps with weighted extractor heads to push the water out of the carpeting and lessen drying time needed.  

Office by Office Inspection

Because the flooring received the effects of the water loss throughout the facility, the techs inspected each office and removed items off the floor and placed desks up on blocks for drying in place. Electronics exposed to excessive moisture should always get tested before using. Wherever the techs discovered computer CPUs on the floor, they got removed for inspection due to their exposure in the vicinity of the water loss. Fortunately, the industrial rubber coated baseboards did not allow any wicking of water into the sheetrock. 

Large Scale Drying Plan

SERVPRO technicians have extensive training in the science of psychrometry, the study of air, and controlling moisture contents. For drying needs this broad, it requires a large number of air movers and dehumidification equipment used in tandem to rapidly bring down interior humidity levels resulting in an expedited drying process. Each office received the same detailed setup to ensure the property dried according to preset drying times and air quality goals. 

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa at (913) 782-4693 arrives quickly for commercial water removal in local properties. Through the use of advanced restoration methods and state-of-the-art equipment make the water loss, "Like it never even happened." 

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Water Damage In Your Kansas City Home

2/23/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home Call SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa at (913) 782-4693 to help.

Handling All Aspects of Water Damage in Kansas City

When people learn that you have a water spill in your home, the immediate assumption is that you only need to dry the affected items or areas, and life goes on as usual. However, water damage can involve problems more severe than wet materials. Professional restoration by SERVPRO addresses any advanced issues.

When a water damage incident in Kansas City affects wooden materials such as floorboards or furniture, physical deterioration can happen because of prolonged exposure, or even accelerated drying. Typical forms of deterioration due to extended exposure include warping, buckling, or even rotting. Fast or excessive drying can cause cracking. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on their advanced training to avoid these problems when resolving the loss at your property. We use high-efficiency water extractors, which expedite the removal process limiting the physical deterioration that occurs. During drying, we monitor the process regularly with moisture meters to ensure it progresses at the right speed.

When the water spill is from a clean source such as a water supply line, there is minimal worry about contaminants. However, microbial growth occurs even in clean water situations, especially if the restoration takes long. Apart from working fast, our SERVPRO technicians take other steps to control contaminants. We apply disinfectants and antimicrobial agents on surfaces when we clean them to stop or slow down microbial growth.

Sometimes water spills lead to long-term problems such as mold development or rotting. If a minor leak goes undetected for a long time, mold is likely to develop. Failure to dry all wet materials to standard levels or reduce humidity levels can also lead to such outcomes. Our crews use different techniques to avoid such outcomes. We use thermal cameras to reveal hidden wet spots. We also perform different tests to determine moisture levels, including using penetrative and non-penetrative moisture meters. We also use thermo-hygrometers to check the humidity levels in the air. With the correct readings, we can know how long to run dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the property.

Water damage can involve a wide range of problems. Call SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa at (913) 782-4693 to help. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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The Mission-driven Team at SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa Supports the Military

2/20/2020 (Permalink)

News Release

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (February 13, 2020) – SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa owner Cory Bates is pleased to announce his company’s sponsorship of the USS KANSAS CITY (LCS 22). The goals of this commitment are to support the ship’s crew with ongoing morale building infrastructure, supply sustaining items the Navy does not provide, and to help fund scholarships that benefit the crew.

From assisting Olathe homeowners who have been devastated by a natural disaster to helping Fortune 100 companies rebuild after major destruction, this veteran-owned business provides quality service to people in their greatest time of need. The owner said the decision to sponsor the ship was a natural extension his time in the military.

“Though our company is very involved with various local charities and outreach programs including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City, supporting the crew of the USS KANSAS CITY is somewhat personal. I see it as a way for me to give back in appreciation for the education, discipline and rewarding experience received during my four years of Navy service that now helps me operate and grow SERVPRO every day,” Bates said.

“Our pledge to bring the highest level of restoration expertise to area victims of disasters and emergencies mirrors the mission-driven culture which is distinctive of the military,” Bates said. Each of the skilled and talented of restoration experts at SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa appreciates what the ship’s symbolism brings to our area and we are proud to start this journey with the Navy sailors who serve and protect our country.”

Christened in 2018, the 418-foot ship is described by the military as a high-speed, agile, multi-mission combatant that delivers superior seakeeping and performance. The Kansas City (LCS 22) is the 11th in the Independence-class coastal combat ships. The vessel is primarily intended to operate in shallow coastal waters, but also is compatible with sailing the open ocean. Featuring a modular design, the flight deck is the largest of any current U.S. Navy surface combatant, and two MH-60 helicopters fit in the hangar bay.

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa actively recruits former service men and women. “The character and dependability of veterans are unrivaled,” said Bates. “These are the same skills we need on our team as we plan and implement clean up and restoration services which directly affect people’s lives in our community.” Current open positions include crew chief and production technician. To apply for a position, resumes should be emailed to

SERVPRO encourages everyone to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You can support the USS KANSAS CITY through a tax-deductible donation online or by mail at USS KANSAS CITY Commissioning Committee, P.O. Box 410584, Kansas City, MO 64141. For more information about the USS KANSAS CITY click here.

The trained team of specialists from SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa have been providing professional cleaning and emergency restoration services to the area since 1997. The company is a member of International Facility Management Association‎ (IFMA) and the Kansas City Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). For more information or for fast disaster cleanup and restoration services, call (913) 782-4693.

Oh Oh! Olathe Water Damage Woes? No Need to Despair--Call SERVPRO

2/12/2020 (Permalink)

air movers working with black drying mats on a wooden floor in a kitchen SERVPRO Provides Advanced Equipment Like Air Movers and Drying Mats to Preserve Hardwood Flooring and Cabinets in an Olathe Kitchen

Urgency Drives Professional Water Removal Efforts in Olathe

  • Water loss in your Olathe home requires a rapid response to avoid further structural destruction and secondary damage. “Rapid” to our well-trained and experienced water restoration crews means we arrive and initiate emergency services within a few hours of your first call. Commitment to swift intervention is critical, permitting us to deliver on our pledge to save time and expense by restoring existing structures.

    Efficient Water Removal Relies on Professional-Grade Equipment

    Every moment counts as we craft a plan for water removal in Olathe. Most conventional building materials and fixtures are porous, absorbing fluids quickly, leading to swelling, crumbling, and weakening the longer the water infiltrates. Swift pumping and extracting of water is critical to halt the process. Our high-capacity pumps and extractors are the first line of defense when mitigating water damage. The more liquid we can pump or suction, the faster the subsequent drying process.

    Training and Experience Make All the Difference

    A common task for our crew after a water loss is suctioning water from carpeting. Often we try to accomplish this “in place,”  extracting the water from both the carpet and pad. Weighted wands make the passes across the fabric more efficient. Although quick and thorough extraction is always the goal, SERVPRO crews learn to manage the aggressive approach needed to pull the maximum amount of water from the pad and carpet. Soaked fibers are 50 percent weaker than dry, and an inexperienced worker unaware of this vulnerability can unintentionally cause the carpet’s fibers to delaminate from the backing. Stretching and ripping are also potential risks. Our crews balance the need for speed with the caution required to preserve the integrity of the materials.

    Swift Structural Drying

    Water removal is incomplete unless structural drying is the final step. The primary tools used for drying are air movers and dehumidifiers. Placement of this equipment is calculated using scientific principles mastered by SERVPRO employees during the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework. Drying basics include:

  • Positioning a sufficient number of air movers to ensure airflow directs over-all wet surfaces
  • Adjusting temperatures to maximize evaporation (warmer air accepts more moisture than cooler)
  • Creating and maintaining a balance between water vapor released by warm air movement and the capture of that vapor by dehumidifiers

    Prompt water removal for our valued customers is a priority for SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa. Call us at (913) 782-4693 to schedule a timely assessment and expert follow-through.

Kansas City Area Residences Benefit from SERVPRO Multi-Faceted Cleanup and Restoration Services

2/1/2020 (Permalink)

side photo of SERVPRO SMR vehicle The SERVPRO Brand Means Great Cleanup and Restoration Results for Our Kansas City Neighbors, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Says--Call Us for Water, Fire, Storm, or Mold Damage Recovery to Your Kansas City Home

For more than two decades, we have been working closely with the homeowners and commercial properties of Kansas City to provide effective damage restoration after water, fire, mold, storm, and flood losses. We have worked hard to become a preferred vendor for insurance providers in the region as well as property management companies. There’s no job too small or large for our restoration professionals, and we have developed a skilled Catastrophic (CAT) Loss Team to handle substantial emergencies in massive structures throughout the city. No matter how we can help, we are only a phone call away for a free estimate and skilled restoration.


Water losses do not often get better without direct intervention. The longer that you sit and wait for the water restoration work that your Kansas City home needs, the more damage that can ultimately result. It is part of the reason why it is so essential to secure our SERVPRO team as quickly as possible so that the appropriate mitigation steps can begin to reduce further loss, irreparable damage, and a need for reconstruction.

Part of the effectiveness that we have had in our more than two decades as a loss restoration provider in the Kansas City area comes from a commitment to have experienced and skilled professionals on every job site. While water restoration is one of the most common niches that we must address as a recovery team, it is also one of the areas that we best prepare for by encouraging the majority of our technician roster to obtain accreditation through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in both Water Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD.)

We have advanced tools and technology that can quickly establish drier conditions in your water-damaged Kansas City home. We can make these conditions even more efficient with the daily monitoring of the drying process documented through our DryBook software. Monitoring progress details the ideal times to move equipment to new areas to continually maximize output and results.


We do not have time to waste when substantial storm systems and tornadoes affect Kansas City homes and businesses. With vulnerabilities and structural breaches in the buildings, there are direct pathways for water penetration and other detrimental effects. As a team rounded off by a division of skilled general contractors, we can provide emergency repairs and temporary construction solutions designed to seal up these breaches so that any interior restoration or remediation work can take place unhindered.

Storm damages terrible enough to allow flooding in Kansas City homes assuredly require reconstruction in some form, whether it involves vulnerabilities in the foundation of the property, the crawlspace, or roof damages. We have a full-service team of tradespeople capable of handling even advanced build back and reconstruction. These same professionals can also handle remodeling and renovation projects should you decide to modify your home’s design after these structural compromises come to light.

Flooding can leave standing water throughout the floors of your Kansas City home and require advanced tools and equipment to clear out. We have many extractors ranging from our wet-vacs and electric sump pumps to larger units like the trash pumps and engine-driven extractor trucks in our SERVPRO Green Fleet. We can manage these threats quickly by clearing out excess water and immediately starting practical drying approaches to protect installed construction materials whenever possible.


From the time that you first discover mold in your Kansas City home, much more could exist in areas that you do not see. As Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) trained in the identification and remediation of mold threats in your home, our SERVPRO team can help to determine the severity of microbial growth and spread throughout the property. Knowing the path of migration from the moisture source can ensure that later remediation efforts are thorough and sufficient.

We have many effective strategies for remediation to remove active colonization and mold damage in Kansas City homes. We always seek to provide our customers with the most cost-effective solutions, which in many cases is our abrasive cleaning techniques using compressed air and media like baking soda or dry ice pellets. These processes can remove the organism without marring the host material or compromising its structural integrity. If these efforts are in doubt, we also have the personnel to offer controlled demolition for the complete removal of damaged portions of material for an immediate turnaround on mold threats.

Odors are another concern for Kansas City homes contending with mold effects, as harsh, musty scents can spread out from the source of the mold damage into neighboring rooms, through the HVAC system, and penetrate nearby materials. Reducing these strong odors involves the use of various deodorization techniques, including air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, and ozone machines. All of these approaches add in a degree of added air filtration to the odor-elimination effects.


Various degrees of fire loss and recovery have also become a staple of the restoration services that our SERVPRO team has provided Kansas City for more than 20 years. Immediate mitigation solutions provide more cost-effective management of fire loss that reduces irreparable damage for our customers and better protects the things that matter most to them. An excellent example of this approach is our content management division of technicians. They can catalog damages to your belongings, but also safely pack and move at-risk possessions to our facility nearby for focused attention and remedial actions.

Smoke and soot damages are among the most challenging obstacles to overcome after fire losses, but our professionals have the tools and products to help. Soot can be an acidic and health-hazardous presence in your Kansas City household, so our team must deploy both cleaning strategies to remove adsorption threats and air quality equipment to remove harmful particulates circulating in the house.

Not everything in your Kansas City home can get restored and saved when fire disasters are severe enough. Having a team with the training and education to identify salvageable and non-salvageable contents and materials can save you time and money on the restoration efforts to follow, and the reconstruction needs your house might also have.

We are a local, preferred vendor that can help you when disaster strikes. Give our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa team a call today at (913) 782-4693.

We Put The Flames Of Worry Out In Lenexa After A Fire

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

A close up picture of two of our air scrubbers These air scrubbers are HEPA filter units that collect air borne particles that their size is 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

Receive Fast, Efficient Fire Damage Restoration for Your Lenexa Home

Experiencing a house fire in Lenexa is a traumatic event that leaves you with a range of emotions. Amidst all of the worry, you need to think of the next best steps to take. The good news is that you can leave the fire damage restoration up to the trained professionals at SERVPRO, and your home gets back to normal sooner than you think.

We have skilled technicians at SERVPRO that follow a tried and true set of steps for efficient restoration when you are faced with fire damage in Lenexa. These helpful steps ensure you get back into your home quicker and that everything is safe and free from foul odors. 

What to Do First

Get in touch with your close family to inform them of the fire and that everyone is accounted for and safe. The next step is to contact your insurance company as well as a professional team for cleaning up the fall-out from the fire. SERVPRO can assist with your insurance claim forms, thus expediting the restoration process. 

When We Begin

SERVPRO assesses the fire damage to your property to ensure everything is secure and ready for restoration to begin. We put a plan into action that starts the cleanup, including the removal of fire-damaged belonging and materials, as well as anything soaked from extinguishing the fire. Our pack-out services help remove your belongings, relocating them to a safe space during the restoration period.

Fire Damage Restoration

The cleanup process commences, both inside and outside the home. We clean all spaces to rid them of soot, smoke, and any lingering odors from the fire. Smoke residue bonds with any surface it comes into contact with. SERVPRO technicians employ both wet and dry cleaning actions to remove all residue from surfaces throughout the home thoroughly. 

Regardless of the size or scope of the fire damage that you are facing, you can count on our trained technicians at SERVPRO Olathe/Lenexa to make it, “Like it never even happened.” If you would like more information or to deploy a team to your location, give us a call 24/7 at (913) 782-4693.

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Boost Your Water Damage Remediation Success in Olathe With These Tips

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

water damage on wall near a window Water damage can affect many areas in your home. Contact SERVPRO to assess the intrusion and remediate the damage.

Vaporizing Water to Remove Moisture from Olathe Homes

As one of the preferred vendors for restoration services throughout the Olathe area, we have advanced tools and experienced personnel to help with even extensive water loss incidents. We care about the communities that we serve and work to help those sharing our neighborhoods with more than disaster recovery. We are involved in many charitable events throughout the year and work closely with organizations like Big Brother, Big Sister, to help our local youth.

When you are contending with a disaster in your home, though, you can also have the experience and premier equipment available to our SERVPRO team for water removal in Olathe properties. We understand the science of adequately drying out a residence, ensuring that every step that gets taken throughout mitigation and restoration can maximize the efficiency of our drying tools and water removal equipment. One area where this is especially important is temperature management.

Warmer temperatures are ideal in almost every way for water removal efforts. Because much of our drying process hinges on the results of air movers, we strive to displace surface water on items and create water vapor. Warmer air is capable of holding more of this moisture than cooler air, making warmer temperatures ideal for more efficient air mover production during the drying process.

Vaporizing surface moisture is only part of the drying equation, though. Our refrigerant dehumidifiers can help to regulate the growing ambient moisture content in the environment by reducing humidity. The steps from liquid to gas and then back to captured, condensed liquid is the essence of the drying process. Finding the proper balance between the placement and number of both air movers and dehumidifiers can help to ensure that the entire drying treatment is as fast as possible and the safest for the exposed construction materials so they can be salvaged.

We strive to provide every customer with the immediate attention that their house needs after a water loss incident, and that begins with our commitment to availability 24/7. We have become a trusted restoration name because of our dependability when every second counts. Give our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa team a call today at (913) 782-4693.

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We Get You Back In Business In Kansas City After A Water Damage Disaster

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

One of our green machines drying the water damage in this building We are ready to respond to any size commercial loss. If you experience a water loss, big or small, in your commercial business, call us right away.

Commercial Water Damage Cleaned Up With Little Disruption to Kansas City Business

Speed never matters more than after commercial water damage. The longer the building materials, furnishings, or stock receive exposure to moisture, the more the loss piles up.

SERVPRO technicians arrive quickly to cleanup commercial water damage in Kansas City properties to lessen the loss. The goal is always to limit the replacement of building materials and contents through their advanced restoration methods.

Get Reopened Quickly

The time a business remains closed during cleanup can force regular patrons to frequent a competitor. Potential clients may take their business elsewhere. SERVPRO techs work to extract water quickly and dry the property so the company can get back to normal day-to-day activities as soon as possible.

Water Extraction Equipment

SERVPRO uses portable pumps with the power to pull moisture out of both carpet and padding as well as specialized attachments for behind the baseboards on a commercial property. Floor tiles and removed materials always receive an inspection for their potential for reuse after cleaning to save the property owner the cost of replacement.

Drying in Place or Packout If Needed

They avoid moving desks and other furnishings by raising them on blocks and dry them in place whenever possible to limit disruptions. In cases where a company has equipment or stock stored on-site. The excessive moisture has the potential to cause damage through water damage or mold. In these cases, when containment is not enough, the techs perform an organized pack-out to a secure area until the cleanup efforts complete.

Organized Setup

Afterward, SERVPRO returns the items to their exact locations, so the property owner does not have to worry about finding things or accounting for stock items. The techs use their exclusive Contents Claim Inventory System (CCIS) to keep track of all items removed, the condition, and return to the property.

When you need fast, efficient commercial water damage mitigation, contact SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa at (913) 782-4693. The certified techs are available 24/7 for any size loss and make it "Like it never even happened."

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