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Safeguarding Your Rental: The Crucial Role of Renters Insurance and SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa in Disaster Recovery

3/22/2024 (Permalink)

Are you a renter? If so, have you ever considered what would happen if a disaster struck your rental property? From fires to floods, emergencies can occur without warning, leaving you and your belongings vulnerable. However, there are proactive steps you can take to protect yourself and your possessions: investing in renters insurance and knowing who to call when disaster strikes, such as SERVPRO® of Olathe/Lenexa.

The Importance of Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a crucial yet often overlooked safeguard for those living in rental properties. Unlike homeowners insurance, which covers the structure of a home, renters insurance is designed to protect tenants' personal belongings and liability.

Here's why renters insurance is essential:

  1. Protection of Personal Property: Your landlord's insurance typically won't cover your personal belongings in the event of theft, fire, or other disasters. Renters insurance steps in to reimburse you for the loss or damage to your possessions, including furniture, electronics, clothing, and more.

  2. Liability Coverage: Accidents happen, and if someone is injured while visiting your rental unit, you could be held liable for medical expenses and legal fees. Renters insurance provides liability coverage, offering financial protection in such situations.

  3. Temporary Living Expenses: Imagine your rental becomes uninhabitable due to a fire or flood. Where will you stay while repairs are being made? Renters insurance often includes coverage for additional living expenses, such as hotel bills and meals, until you can return home.

  4. Peace of Mind: With renters insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're financially protected in the face of unexpected events. Whether it's a break-in, a burst pipe, or a natural disaster, you won't have to bear the full financial burden alone.

SERVPRO® of Olathe/Lenexa: Your Trusted Partner in Disaster Recovery

Despite our best efforts to prevent disasters, emergencies can still occur. When disaster strikes your rental property, whether it's water damage from a burst pipe or fire damage from a kitchen mishap, swift and professional action is essential to minimize the impact and restore your home to its preloss condition.

That's where SERVPRO® of Olathe/Lenexa comes in. As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO® is equipped to handle a wide range of disasters, large or small. Here's why you should consider calling SERVPRO® of Olathe/Lenexa:

  1. 24/7 Emergency Response: Disasters don't wait for convenient times to strike, and neither does SERVPRO. Their team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, ensuring that help is just a phone call away whenever you need it.

  2. Fast, Efficient Service: Time is of the essence when dealing with water, fire, or mold damage. SERVPRO® of Olathe/Lenexa responds quickly to assess the situation, mitigate further damage, and begin the restoration process promptly, minimizing downtime and disruption to your life.

  3. Highly Trained Professionals: SERVPRO® technicians undergo extensive training and certification to handle all aspects of disaster restoration. From water extraction and drying to smoke and odor removal, you can trust that your rental property is in capable hands.

  4. Advanced Technology and Techniques: SERVPRO® utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and advanced restoration techniques to achieve optimal results. Their cutting-edge tools and methodologies ensure thorough and efficient restoration, returning your rental property to its pre-disaster condition as quickly as possible.

As a renter, protecting yourself and your belongings against unforeseen disasters is paramount. Investing in renters insurance provides financial security and peace of mind, while knowing who to call in the event of a disaster can make all the difference in the restoration process.

SERVPRO® of Olathe/Lenexa stands ready to assist you in your time of need, offering prompt, professional, and reliable disaster restoration services. With their expertise and dedication, you can trust that your rental property will be restored to its former glory, allowing you to focus on rebuilding and moving forward.

Don't wait until disaster strikes—take proactive steps today to safeguard your rental property and ensure a swift recovery should the unexpected occur. With renters insurance and SERVPRO® of Olathe/Lenexa by your side, you can face any challenge with confidence and resilience.

Are Pipe Bursts Covered by Insurance? Understanding Your Coverage

7/20/2023 (Permalink)

Experiencing a pipe burst in your home or business can be a devastating and costly event. One of the crucial questions that arise in such situations is whether pipe bursts are covered by insurance. In this blog post, we will delve into the topic and provide valuable insights to help you understand the typical coverage provided by insurance policies for pipe bursts. By understanding your insurance coverage, you can better prepare for such incidents and make informed decisions to protect your property and finances.

Review Your Insurance Policy

The first step in determining whether pipe bursts are covered by insurance is to review your insurance policy. Typically, homeowners' insurance policies provide coverage for sudden and accidental incidents, including water damage caused by pipe bursts. However, it's important to read the fine print and understand the specific terms and conditions of your policy.

Covered Perils

Most standard homeowners' insurance policies cover pipe bursts that occur due to unexpected and unforeseen circumstances, such as freezing temperatures, sudden pressure changes, or accidental damage. However, it's important to note that insurance policies may exclude coverage for certain perils or events. For example, if the pipe burst is a result of negligence or lack of maintenance, your claim may be denied.

Water Damage Coverage

When a pipe bursts, the resulting water damage can be extensive and costly to repair. Homeowners' insurance policies typically provide coverage for water damage caused by pipe bursts, including structural damage, damaged belongings, and mold remediation. However, the coverage may vary depending on the extent of the damage and the specific terms of your policy.

Additional Coverage Options

In some cases, standard homeowners' insurance policies may not provide sufficient coverage for pipe bursts and the resulting water damage. It's worth considering additional coverage options, such as a water backup or flood insurance policy. These specialized policies can offer additional protection in situations where water damage occurs due to sewer or drain backups or natural flooding events.

Act Promptly and Document the Damage

If a pipe burst occurs, it's crucial to act promptly to mitigate further damage and document the incident for insurance purposes. Take immediate steps to stop the water flow, contact a professional water damage restoration company, and notify your insurance provider. Document the damage through photographs and keep records of any expenses incurred during the cleanup and restoration process.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

In the event of a pipe burst, reach out to your insurance provider as soon as possible to report the incident and initiate the claims process. They will guide you through the necessary steps, provide instructions on documentation requirements, and assign an adjuster to assess the damage.

Consult with a Public Adjuster

If you encounter challenges during the claims process or believe that your claim has been unfairly denied or undervalued, consider consulting with a public adjuster. These professionals can advocate on your behalf, assess the damage accurately, and negotiate with the insurance company to ensure fair compensation for the pipe burst and resulting water damage.

Pipe bursts can lead to significant water damage in your home or business, and understanding your insurance coverage is crucial to navigate the aftermath. Review your insurance policy, consider covered perils, assess the extent of water damage coverage, and explore additional coverage options if needed. Act promptly, document the damage, and contact your insurance provider to initiate the claims process. If necessary, seek the assistance of a public adjuster to ensure a fair settlement. By being well-informed about your insurance coverage, you can confidently address pipe bursts and mitigate the financial impact on your property.

Troubleshooting Common Causes of Refrigerator Leaks: What You Need to Know

3/13/2023 (Permalink)

Refrigerators are one of the most essential household appliances, and when they start to malfunction, they can cause major disruptions in your daily routine. One of the most common issues that homeowners face with refrigerators is leaking. There are many reasons why your refrigerator might be leaking, and it's important to identify the cause and take appropriate action to prevent further damage. In this blog, we will discuss some of the common reasons why refrigerators leak and what steps to take if you notice that your refrigerator is leaking. Here are common reasons why refrigerators leak:

Clogged Drain Tube

The drain tube is responsible for carrying away water that has been collected during the defrost cycle. If the drain tube becomes clogged with debris, water will accumulate in the refrigerator and eventually leak out. You can clean the drain tube by using a small brush or flushing it with warm water.

Faulty Defrost System

The defrost system in your refrigerator is responsible for melting any ice that has formed on the evaporator coils. If the defrost system is not working correctly, ice will continue to accumulate and eventually cause the refrigerator to leak. This problem requires professional attention from a qualified repair technician.

Damaged Water Filter

If your refrigerator has a built-in water dispenser, it may be equipped with a water filter. If the water filter becomes damaged or clogged, water may begin to leak from the refrigerator. Check the water filter and replace it if necessary.

Broken Water Line

If your refrigerator is connected to a water line, a break in the line can cause water to leak from the refrigerator. Inspect the water line for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks or breaks. If you find damage, replace the water line.

Steps to Take If Your Refrigerator is Leaking:

1. Turn Off the Water Supply

If your refrigerator is connected to a water line and you suspect that a break in the line is causing the leak, turn off the water supply immediately. This will prevent any further damage to your home and appliances.

2. Empty the Refrigerator

Remove all items from the refrigerator and freezer compartments. If water has been collected in the refrigerator, use a towel or sponge to soak up the excess water.

3. Clean the Drain Pan

The drain pan is located beneath the refrigerator and collects water that has evaporated from the refrigerator. If the drain pan is full, it can cause water to leak out of the refrigerator. Remove the drain pan and clean it thoroughly.

4. Check the Drain Tube

Inspect the drain tube for any visible signs of damage or debris. If the drain tube is clogged, use a small brush or warm water to remove the debris.

5. Call a Professional

If you have checked all of the possible causes of the leak and still cannot identify the problem, it's time to call a professional repair technician. They will be able to identify the cause of the leak and provide the necessary repairs.

In conclusion, a leaking refrigerator can be a major inconvenience, but identifying the cause and taking appropriate action can prevent further damage and help you get back to your daily routine. By following these steps, you can identify the cause of the leak and take the necessary steps to fix the problem. If you're unsure of how to proceed, always consult with a professional to ensure that your refrigerator is repaired correctly and safely.

The Benefits of Using a Restoration Company After a Flood

8/25/2022 (Permalink)

The Advantages of Hiring a Flood Restoration Company

A flood in your office building can cause you much distress, not to mention extensive damage. The water can ruin building materials as well as furniture, electronics, and personal belongings.

Whether you need to attend to pipe burst cleanup or other damage-causing issues, you need professionals to help. There are advantages to enlisting a professional water cleanup company to handle repairs and restoration. 

1. Quick Response

Something such as a broken pipe can result in widespread water damage. You'll want someone onsite as soon as possible to assess flooding and begin cleaning up. The good news is that a restoration company can respond within 24 hours of your call. You can expect fast service, even on the weekends or holidays. 

2. The Right Equipment and Methods

When it comes to pipe burst cleanup, there are steps you can take on your own to mitigate the damage. However, if the flooding was significant, you won't have the capacity to do the job on your own. Fortunately, the professionals have high-quality, high-grade tools and equipment at their disposal. These tools can address water removal, content cleaning, and rebuilding and restoring the building. 

3. A Sewer Cleanup Company Has Experience

Water removal companies have a proven track record of cleaning up after commercial flooding. The technicians you hire will have worked under similar circumstances before. No job will be too big. 

4. Companies Can Clean an Assortment of Items

After removing any water in your Shawnee, KS , building and thoroughly drying the area, technicians will address damaged items. Using specialized techniques, the company can dry and clean documents, furniture, and even electronics.

Technicians will also replace ruined carpet and hardwood as well as drywall and ceiling tiles. 
It is easy to see how to pipe burst cleanup can be an overwhelming job. But if you hire the right water cleanup company, you can salvage your building and belongings. 

Most Common Business Losses Following a Water Leak

7/21/2022 (Permalink)

The Most Common Business Losses As a Result of a Water Leak

A water leak in your Merriam, KS, building can have many potential sources, including damaged pipes, weather events, and freezing temperatures. The cause of a leak or flood is often out of your control, but if you know what to expect following an event, you can prepare adequately as a business.

1. Property and Infrastructure Due to Flooding

Leaking pipes can seep water into your building’s walls and floors, causing structural damage. Often when pipes are repaired, it is also necessary to rip up any flooring or walling that blocks access. Depending on the severity of the leak or flood, assets such as electronics, furniture, and important documents can also be damaged because water has a way of getting into everything.

If excess water in your building is not addressed immediately and thoroughly, a more insidious type of damage can manifest long-term. A slow leak can go unnoticed for a long time and may eventually become a larger flood. This prolonged moisture, in turn, significantly increases the risk of mold. Once mold has taken hold, you may even end up replacing drywall and carpeting to be rid of it.

2. Time and Revenue Due to Water Damage

The time it takes to come back from water damage is valuable time lost. If employees cannot work from home, repairs to damaged pipes, walls or floors may even put your business at a standstill. Repairs that are not covered by insurance can also cut into profits. Be sure to check what kind of coverage you have before it becomes necessary. You should also research reliable commercial water damage restoration services in your area so professionals can mitigate further damage by quickly cleaning up.

Whether it’s a haywire fire sprinkler or damaged pipes, water leaks can cause a wide range of business losses. If you are aware of what may happen, you can build buffers and protocols into your disaster plan to minimize these losses. Don't let your business get caught unprepared in Merriam, KS.

Get Emergency Restoration Help with Built-In Claims Services

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Restoration machines are cleaning a business SERVPRO is always here to help you with your water, mold, fire restoration and cleanup needs. Don't hesitate and call.

With Built-in Claims Services, You Can Get Emergency Restoration Assistance.

When faced with a pipe burst, extensive roof damage after a storm or the aftermath of a fire, time is of the essence. The longer you have to wait, the more chances our property in Edgerton, KS, will sustain further damage. The right fire, mold and water damage restoration company will have a 24/7 emergency response team and established claim services to ensure a smoother process for property owners and insurers.

24/7 Help

SERVPRO understands that emergencies can happen at any time. When water is involved, it is even more crucial to get immediate help.

First 24 Hours: Drywall and wood furniture will begin to swell. Metal items start showing signs of rust. A musty odor begins to make an appearance.

First Week: Structural components, such as studs, begin to warp. Pain starts to blister. Wood flooring shows signs of swelling and warping. Additional contamination may be possible.
Second Week and Beyond: The structure and indoor environment become unsafe. Costs associated with restoration significantly increase due to added repairs.

Salvaging the property and its contents, as well as minimizing claims, is essential. When you count on a professional with more than 1,700 franchise locations, you get peace of mind that help is right around the corner to get the cleanup process started as fast as possible.

Claims Services

Once an assessment and inspection are completed, everyone involved wants a clear understanding of the plan, easy communication during the process and a detailed list of everything involved. A certified company will ensure all of that happens. From initial pretesting to determine the restorability of belongings to an itemized inventory loss, the vital information needed for the claim is always at your fingertips.

An electronic job file will also be available that includes photos, associated forms and paperwork, and estimates. During the process, you can keep tabs on pending and completed jobs and up-to-date cost data.

Dealing with a disaster is a complicated crossing. Choosing the right help with claim services and expertise to handle any damage and restoration minimizes complications to get businesses back to “Like it Never Even Happened.”

Is Mold Damage in Lenexa Unavoidable?

3/9/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Damage is Common, but Mold Remediation Needs to be done by a Professional Team in Lenexa.

Mold exists virtually everywhere, including Lenexa. Some places where humidity prevails are more suitable for its growth and spread. Problems arise when there is a change in conditions, such as a leak, which contributes to making a suitable environment for mold colonization. As you seek to get humidity levels under control, you should also take every precaution to eliminate and thwart the spread of mold spores, and only a professional team can help you with that.

The professional team in Lenexa that can handle mold damage remediation is SERVPRO. Our team contains experts in the field who have been certified by the industry in water and mold remediation. Aside from its technical expertise, our team members have the focus and discipline of highly effective military-trained individuals, which makes for a winning combination. A well-thought-out and executed plan yields the best results with minimal disruption.

To control the humidity levels typical of mold growth, you may see our SERVPRO staff arrive with various pieces of equipment. Not surprisingly, we use dehumidifiers, but you may also encounter the following:

  • Hygrometers to help us assess moisture levels and the progress we are making.
  • Air movers to improve circulation and water evaporation
  • Water extractors capable of controlling humidity under cabinets and within wall cavities
  • Containment barriers constructed of tension poles and polyethylene sheeting to prevent cross-contamination
  • Dispersion devices for antimicrobial products to inhibit future mold growth

Everything our staff of SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley does to help remediate mold damage in your home is based on our training and experience. All you need to do is invite our team into your home by calling (913) 782-4693 and let us leave your Lenexa home “Like it never even happened.”

Experienced Remediation Professionals for Mold-Damaged Olathe Homes

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

There are multiple benefits to trusting certified SERVPRO professionals for remediating mold damage in Olathe properties. 

When you are dealing with mold issues in your home, experience, and a fast response matter. You will find that our technicians have the expertise and the knowledge to evaluate the situation and provide efficient mold remediation solutions to protect your home and its contents as soon as possible.

Evaluating the Damage 

It might not be immediately clear what type of mold remediation Olathe homes might require, so our team works with effective mitigative actions to begin repairing damages. Evaluations conducted by our experienced project manager can showcase where remediation is needed and the threat level. One of the purposes of inspection is to choose what mold removal technique will work best based on factors like:

  • Type of mold
  • Location of damage
  • Condition of hosting elements

Industry-Leading Equipment and Products

An advantage of choosing our SERVPRO team for mold remediation is the available equipment and expertise. Equipment ranges considerably from the air movers and dehumidifiers needed to eliminate moisture in an affected space to products designed to handle several aspects of full remediation. Potent cleaning and biocide products manage:

  • Harsh odors
  • Mold inhibiting
  • Antimicrobial cleaning

Ongoing Training in Remediation Niches

Yet another advantage of choosing SERVPRO for mold remediation is our commitment to training and growth in our mold recovery efforts. Coursework and training provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) produce talented and skilled professionals that continue to grow year after year. We have certified AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians to restore your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Mold and microbial threats can develop fast in moist environments, making it critical to have a team of remediation professionals available 24/7 to help. From mold inspections to the execution of elimination strategies with active colonization, many look to our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa team to help. We are available anytime at (913) 782-4693.

How Does Vapor Pressure Impact Drying in Lenexa Homes?

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

Careful mitigation and restoration ensure that the affected structure in a Lenexa home gets dried. 

Mitigation and restoration of your home after water damage incidents are impacted by many factors and variables. To reduce the severity of vapor pressure and humidity in the drying zone, we deploy several tools to effectively eliminate standing water and lower humidity ratios like:

  • Air movers
  • Wet vacuums
  • Desiccant and low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers

The Correlation of Humidity and Vapor Pressure

The generation of vapor pressure can impact water removal in Lenexa homes. Moisture content in the environment affects the weight of the air mass and the subsequent pressure it can produce. This vapor pressure measures the force that gases exert on sensitive surfaces in the drying space. The higher the vapor pressure, the more widespread and damaging water emergencies can become.

The Movement of Moisture Seeking Balance

Equilibrium plays a considerable role in the efficiency and effectiveness of drying practices that our SERVPRO team implements. When humidity is high in a damaged space, the vapor pressure is also high. Drying principles are consistent in that high pressure seeks low pressure to create a stable balance between the two. This introduces moisture into otherwise dry materials as the atmospheric moisture content moves.

Reduced Humidity Improves Drying

Lower moisture in the air means the air is less dense. The fewer grains and weight involved, the lower the vapor pressure. The lower pressures and humidity ratio means the less that the air within the affected space migrates to dryer areas seeking balance and equilibrium. Dehumidifiers like desiccants can considerably reduce moisture content.

Understanding complex drying sciences is one of the advantages of choosing our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa team for restoration and recovery. We appreciate the severity of these situations and provide quick solutions based on the migration of moisture and the severity of the damage in the house. Our water restoration team is standing by to help 24/7 at (913) 782-4693.

Experienced Fire Restorers Remove Soot Damage Fast in Lenexa Homes

10/21/2021 (Permalink)

"Smoke and soot cleaning" Smoke and soot can reach the remote areas of your home. We can remove the odors. Call SERVPRO today!

Post-fire Cleanup of Lenexa Homes Often Means Choosing The Best Cleanup For Soot Damage. 

Fires can destroy contents and building materials in your home, and worse than this, add a challenging deposit of soot and smoke damage to remove afterward. Soot removal is one of the key ingredients of complete, successful fire restoration.

The Type of Smoke Damage Present 

There are several types of smoke and soot residues that can exist after fire damage in Lenexa homes. What materials are involved in the combustion that creates aerosolized solids impacts the chemical makeup of the soils settling on surfaces. Changes in this composition change the smoke remediation approach.

Condition of the Underlying Host Materials

The inspection process can often require crew chiefs to assess the condition of affected materials thoroughly. Sensitive surfaces can have their finish ruined or become stained by acidic residues and soils, so a sampling of remediation strategies is common to determine the best cleaning approach moving forward.

Wet and Dry Cleaning Solutions for Soot Removal

When it comes to removing soot from the surfaces it impacts, we take the information we have gathered and put it to use. Because there are several strategies for reducing the severity of soot residue thickness, choosing the right approach can dramatically lessen restoration times. Some of the common methods for soot removal in homes include:

  • Chemical sponges
  • Wet surface cleaning
  • Dry ice pellet blasting
  • Abrasive cleaning/steel wool
  • Controlled demolition

Soot removal is one of the common threads of fire restoration in homes and businesses, yet the process itself changes considerably from one location to the next. Experienced fire recovery professionals on our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley teams can respond fast with mitigation and cleaning options to make restoration as efficient as possible. We are ready to help 24/7 at (913) 782-4693.

Why Should Lenexa Residents Hire Skilled Mold Remediation Services?

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

heavy mold growth on wall In the right environments, mold quickly multiplies. Our SERVPRO techs are trained for mold remediation.

Lenexa Property Owners Can Trust SERVPRO to Carefully and Efficiently Perform Mold Remediation

Many events could lead to the onset of mildew and black mold growth within any building. As a homeowner, you always do whatever you can to ensure your Lenexa property is clean and safe for your family and pets. But what you might not understand is that mold is everywhere, and it is impossible to escape it. Given the right conditions, trace amounts of mold can become a significant issue that you cannot ignore. SERVPRO wants everyone to know that we have the proven methods and experience to ensure your property gets back to normal and Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Microscopic mold spores are everywhere, so it is best to call specialists for mold cleanup and remediation in Lenexa when it begins to multiply and thrive. But, why SERVPRO? We arrive fast so that we can get started on mold inspection, followed by detailed mold cleanup. We adjust as we work so that no stone gets left unturned, ensuring you and your family are safe from mold’s potential health effects.

For mold remediation work, there are several things that we remind our homeowners, including:

  • There are countless types of mold, meaning hundreds, if not thousands.
  • Tiny mold spores are found everywhere, including the air we breathe, surfaces, carpeting, and clothing.
  • Many mold types thrive in temperatures between 64 and 90° F.
  • When mold has organic food sources and excessive moisture, the spores thrive and colonize quickly.
  • All our equipment and tools, including HEPA filtration, dehumidifiers, and EPA-registered cleaning agents, allow us to get the job done faster. We leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Call (913) 782-4693 when you need skilled mold removal services. You can reach us at SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley 24 hours a day.

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa Partners With Big Brother Big Sisters Kansas City Golf Tournament

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

Four people posing on a golf course Our very own, Ken Lutgen, participated in this year’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City Legacy Golf Tournament, and as you can see, he had a blast.

On May 25, 2021, SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and other community leaders in the area attended the Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City (BBBSKC) at a sponsored event. The Legacy Golf Invitational Tournament brings awareness for the services and support provided locally by the BBBSKC, and the staff put together an exquisite time for all the participants.

The individual golfers on the teams were treated to numerous luxury experiences as part of their involvement in the Legacy Invitational. Such as top-notch gifts for the teams given out after the tournament.

The morning before the tournament began, the teams were treated to gourmet breakfasts and a coffee bar to fuel up for a day on the greens. In addition, relaxing massages were offered to participants to get rid of stress and sore muscles. Finally, a cigar emporium opened for golfers that enjoyed a good cigar after a rousing golf game.

During the tournament, golfers had the chance to tackle different challenges and win prizes. Additionally, any team member could have their car washed and detailed while they played in the tourney. Legacy Invitational staff set up hospitality tents to ensure that cold drinks and delicious lunches were available during the game. Since sometimes balls get lost, or other golfing supplies get needed at a moment's notice, the staff also had everything from tees to apparel.

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa appreciates the opportunity to be a part of this event and looks forward to lending our future support to Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City to raise continued awareness for their good work for the community.

Is Mold Remediation a Professional Service in Olathe?

5/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Mold Remediation Technicians Undergo Extensive Training to Help Olathe Residents with Mold Issues

Microbial growth can creep up quickly. Sometimes it may be due to weather changes during certain times of the year. Other times, mold can be the result of an internal plumbing problem or water leak. Whatever the cause of microbial growth, the solution is to enlist the help of SERVPRO professionally qualified technicians for:

  • Mold removal
  • Attic mold removal
  • Black mold damage repairs

The purpose of mold remediation in your Olathe home is two-fold. Firstly, remove the infested materials from the property altogether and then establish a strategy that prevents mold from returning. It is common for us to use drying equipment to correct a moisture issue in your home and avoid mold returning. 

  • Air-movers are commonly used in mold remediation to dry inner cavities of the home or areas where there is the presence of moisture. 
  • This equipment is placed in a manner that creates a vortex of circular airflow around and across walls.
  • Anti-microbial treatments can be applied to areas of the home to reduce the build-up of molds and prevent dormant spores from germinating.

Use a professional service to deal with mold. Contact SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley for mold remediation at (913) 782-4693.

Olathe Residents Trust SERVPRO With Their Fire Damage Restoration Needs

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO vehicle outside of a building Large or small fire, team SERVPRO is standing by for your emergency fire damage call. Call 24/7 - 365 days a year.

SERVPRO is Available 24/7 to Handle Post-Fire Cleanup in Olathe Properties

Although incorporated in 1857, it took another twenty years before the township received a designation as a second-class city when it had just over two thousand residents and erected numerous buildings, including a school for the deaf, churches, and a subscription library. Of the residents, nearly three-quarters worked in agriculture, and the rest in transportation and mining. Hardships such as drought, tornadoes, and plagues of grasshoppers hit the agricultural section hard and caused crops to fail, causing many of the settlers to leave the area. The Civil War further compounded this, and Olathe saw itself invaded by the guerilla general William Quantrill, resulting in many structures getting destroyed.

Rebuilding the Town

After the war ended, the governor of Kansas, John P. St. John, made his home in Olathe and built up the township to exceed its former size and amenities by establishing a cooperative for the farmers in the area and founded a store. The return of industry to the township heralded a return to prosperity for the residents with the opening of companies such as: 

  • Hyer Boot Factory
  • Hodges Brothers 
  • Lanter Lumber 
  • Patron's Mutual Insurance Association
  • Fairview Race Course

Growing Fast 

With the establishment of the various industries, Olathe had a rapid turn for the latest technology available such as steam heating for buildings, electric rather than gas lights, public utilities to regulate water, gas, and telephones became commonplace for residents.

Early 1900s Olathe

During the time frame from 1910 until 1930, Olathe underwent significant changes and an increase in population to its largest to date. A waterworks plant that covered 20-acres provided enough clean water for the community, and the town voted affirmatively to build a city hall. World War I brought the Hyer Boot Factory to the town's forefront as an employer as the need for boots for the soldiers increased. 

The Bricklayer of Olathe

One man that made the news in 1925 was James Garfield Brown, known by his local nickname, "Indian Jim." He participated in the Kansas City Road bricklaying competition against the champ Frank Hoffman. He won by laying 218 tons of brick, a total of just over 46,000 bricks in seven hours and forty-eight minutes. He won $200 along with his regular wages of two-dollars per hour.

Can Sheetrock With Water and Fire Damage in Olathe Properties Get Restored?

SERVPRO technicians have vast experience dealing with all types of fire damage cleanup in Olathe homes. Often, destruction from the fire often includes issues created by the water used to extinguish a fire. One of the most critical factors for the techs is determining which building materials have restoration potential through cleaning and drying.

When sheetrock comes into contact with water, it can wick the water quickly, and the moisture gets pulled upward through the core, and the wall or ceiling will have telltale signs of water damage such as: 

  • Staining
  • Paint bubbles
  • Buckling
  • Deterioration to the point of falling

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley at (913) 782-4693 serves the local Olathe community for any size fire damage restoration services needed.

Lenexa Writers Workshop Builds Confidence

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

Level Up Writing Skills, Public Speaking, And More in Lenexa

Anyone in Lenexa who wants to improve their writing, creative thinking, and confidence can participate in the Sunflower Writers Workshop. Poet Jen Harris leads the session. Attendees learn to develop new ways to find inspiration, lower their stress about speaking publicly, and build a sense of community. All attendees need to bring to the session their favorite way to take notes, such as a pad and paper, journal, or app on their phone or laptop. The session provides challenges for attendees, such as writing practice from prompts. Then the voluntary reading of first drafts written during the workshop for constructive feedback from other attendees and the host. Participants are not required to share work, and the environment is a safe space for sharing work with a highlight on positivity and uplifting fellow writers. 

  • Date: February 23, 2021
  • Time: 7 PM to 9 PM 
  • Note: The Zoom link provided after registration
  • Price: Free

When Lenexa residents suspect a problem, they rely on SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley at (913) 782-4693 for mold inspection services. The trained technicians have the experience and equipment to remediate any size infestation.

Olathe Residents Rely On SERVPRO For Water Damage Mitigation

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Hatchback vehicle parked in front of a big building. SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley is here for any mitigation that your property may need.

SERVPRO Techs Are Available 24/7 For Olathe Water Damage Mitigation Services

The city of Olathe (pronounced "O-Lay-Tha") has a long history. The name itself comes from a Shawnee Indian word meaning "beautiful." This stop along the Sante Fe Trail got established in 1857 and has continued to grow in population and amenities since then. The Pawnee and Osage tribes resided in the area and traded with trappers and frontiersmen for decades before the settlers moved into the room and set up farms. Unlike many settlements, the Native Americans in the area lived peacefully alongside the people moving most of the time. Only rarely did land disputes arise. 

Once Olathe's township brought in residents, the tribes moved to Eastern Kansas under a new government treaty. As the town grew during the late 1800s, the city strove to develop a reputation as a hub for cultural and social events: churches, an art museum, and the planting of trees and shrubs throughout the area. In the present, Olathe is the fourth most populous city in Kansas. 

The early 1900s saw Olathe progress with the adaptation of some of the latest conveniences and technological advancements such as: 

  • Steam heat
  • Electric lighting
  • Indoor plumbing
  • Sewers
  • Water treatment

Olathe remains the only city in Johnson County that has an art alliance offering year-round events such as: 

  • Community theater
  • Orchestra
  • Civic band
  • Chorus
  • Art exhibits

Another yearly event that locals look forward to is the Johnson County Old Settlers Days. This celebration has happened since 1898. Attendees enjoy an art fair, carnival, vendors, live music, and more. Another throwback from the past that gets celebrated in the present is the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm. This historic site preserves the westward expansion spirit in the 19th century and remains the last existing stagecoach stop on the Santa Fe Trail. Visitors can experience how life was in the town during the mid-1800s and see farming equipment, learn farming methods in the agricultural barn, and see the work needed to live daily during this period. 

Olathe Weather

The weather in Olathe is mostly pleasant, with seasonal changes clearly defined. The winters can be cold, and snow is not uncommon. The summers are hot, and this area of the state is a very high risk for intense storms and tornadic activity and is a part of "Tornado Alley."

Origin of the Cowboy Boot in Olathe

An interesting invention that came out of Olathe was the cowboy boot—often attributed to the Olathe-style boot made in Mercedes, Texas. The style originated in Olathe's city by brothers Charles and Edward Hyer in 1880. Charles also founded the Olathe School for the Deaf, where he taught students the art of shoe and harness making. The school no longer stands; however, it is featured at the Museum of Deaf History, Art, and Culture.

The cowboy boot story is told as a cowboy from Colorado came into the cobbler shop that Charles Hyer owned and asked for a new pair of boots made in a style that was different from the Civil War-style boots he was wearing. Charles designed footwear that was functional, comfortable, and fit easily into a stirrup: the cowboy boot. The Hyer boot company was operational from 1875 until sold to the Ben Miller Boot Company in 1977. 

Outdoor Activities in Olathe

The opportunities for outdoor enjoyment in Olathe are many. One of the best-known areas for a multitude of activities is Heritage Park, which features opportunities to use the asphalt walking trails, a lake with fishing and limited boating, a fenced dog park, golf course, ball fields, shelter houses, disc golf, an equestrian area with jumper course, and an area for picnics. 

Biking enthusiasts enjoy visiting Coffee Creek Trail. It is just over three miles in length and connects to trails within Heritage Park. The Coffee Creek Trail is one of the newer riding trails and has smooth, paved trails that snake through a scenic area to view while riding the paths and over the newly built bridges that cross Coffee Creek. 

One of the newer venues that both tourists and locals enjoy is the KC Wine Company, where visitors can see the vineyards and enjoy a wine or hard cider tasting in one of two large tasting rooms. The vineyard has seasonal events for the public and Christmas lights as a drive-by experience. 

Can Water Damage Mitigation Save Carpet or Area Rugs In Olathe Homes?

Many Olathe homeowners find they need water damage mitigation at the worst possible times, during weekends, late at night, or holidays. However, a leaky pipe, water heater failure, or toilet backup is not an incident that happens when expected; it just happens. 

The flooring of all types tends to get the brunt of the water in a home, and carpet and area rugs are no exception to the rule. SERVPRO technicians undergo comprehensive training to handle water removal from homes and specifically carpet, rugs, and subfloors to deliver the best outcome. 

Stains and water spots are common occurrences after a carpet or rug gets saturated. SERVPRO techs use their equipment to extract the water and also perform tests on the fibers to ensure that the cleaning agents chose do not cause issues such as:

  • Shrinkage
  • Bleeding of dyes
  • Bleaching 
  • Damage to the backing

Saturated area rugs can cause injury due to their weight, so before moving, the techs extract the water, often using weighted heads to assist in pushing the water up and out of the rug. Drying a carpet can involve specialized applications such as floating where a side gets loosened and warm, dry air forced to the underside. Tenting gets used when only a small area needs drying; the carpet gets a tent made from plastic placed over it with air directed in through custom-made tubing. 

When local Olathe residents need water damage mitigation for their properties, they turn to SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley at (913) 782-4693. The trained technicians bring years of experience and advanced equipment to make the damage to the home, "Like it never even happened."

Getting Fit This Holiday Season with Other Lenexa Families

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Be among the hundreds of participants in this year’s Gobbler Gallop 5k in Lenexa.

Everyone tends to have a few more side dishes than they should when gathered together for Thanksgiving, so you have an opportunity to counteract these choices with a virtual 5k run. Friends and neighbors throughout Lenexa might not be able to get together and run the race as intended due to pandemic restrictions, but a virtual race ensures that the event can continue without delays.

Register now for the event, and be sure to tune in on November 23rd for the kick-off event live on Facebook featuring giveaways and great stretching tips. You can pick up your commemorative shirt for the event at the Lenexa Recreational Center the week of Thanksgiving.

One thing you can’t outrun is mold in your house. Our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa Remediation Technicians can work quickly to manage these threatening situations and make it “Like it never even happened.” Give our experienced team a call today at (913) 782-4693.

How Do Flooded Olathe Homes Return to a Liveable Condition?

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SERVPRO Flood Damage Technicians Can Clean and Dry your Olathe Home after a Flood Event.

Why is drying a property necessary?

Moisture is harmful to an indoor environment. When your Olathe home becomes wet, it promotes microbial growth, odours, and disintegration of materials. Fabrics and furnishings may bleed dye, shrink or suffer watermarks and staining. Restoring a flooded property requires careful examination of the drying procedure. By establishing an appropriate drying protocol, SERVPRO technicians can significantly reduce the losses associated with flooding. Our first step to returning a property to its preloss condition is to ensure that it is thoroughly dry. 

What are drying goals?

  • Drying goals are the condition of a property that technicians calculate can return it to a normal state.
  • Once a drying goal is achieved, the property should be close to its preloss condition after flooding.
  • Drying goals apply to both the structure and contents of your home, which can be measured accurately using a range of devices.

Why is humidity important to drying?

A professional flood damage technician working in your Olathe home pays close attention to the affected area's relative humidity (RH.) A professional restorer uses dry air to speed up the evaporation process. Most equipment that improves evaporation also affects humidity. In particular, when the relative humidity drops to below 40%, it begins to pull moisture from materials into the air. This process is especially useful when dealing with a flooded residence as it can help remove moisture from materials that may have absorbed significant amounts of water. SERVPRO technicians set a dry standard and return materials to an average equilibrium moisture content (EMC), which allows a flooded property to return to its preloss condition.

What is a dry standard and EMC?

  • Dry standards are measurements taken from unaffected contents or structure in your home. These become an ideal condition to reach in the affected area, a baseline measurement.
  • Normal Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) is taken from everyday materials and is a knowledge that can be applied to common building materials such as lumber.
  • Dry standards and EMCs are achieved using moisture meters, probes, and sensors regularly to ensure the drying strategy's effectiveness.

The faster you can dry a flooded property, the less damage it incurs. Contact SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley at (913) 782-4693.

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Why Should You Choose A Locally Owned Mold Remediation Company?

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SERVPRO vehicles Homeowners breathe a sigh of relief when the SERVPRO green fleet swiftly arrives for mold remediation.

Shawnee Homeowners Need Mold Remediation Companies That Care.

If you live in Shawnee, you know the importance of your local community. Your community is where you make your home, perhaps where you work or where your children go to school, and where you do your shopping and find your friends.

If you need mold remediation in Shawnee, you want to be sure the company you choose cares about the local area. SERVPRO is a franchise company. That means that dedicated local entrepreneurs own each local operation. It also means we have access to national resources – truly the best of both worlds.

Why does being locally owned matter?

Because SERVPRO is locally owned, each office is run by people who are part of the local community. That means your nearby team truly understands the needs of people in the area. We know the local concerns, and we know the climate and culture. Because we work and live here, we have an investment in the community.

What does access to national resources mean?

Because we are a franchise company, each office has access to national resources from head office, including:

  • Comprehensive on-site training for technicians
  • Industry-standard mold remediation equipment
  • Ongoing training to make sure our teams stay abreast of industry developments

Being part of a national company means every team adheres to corporate standards, including:

  • Putting customer satisfaction first
  • Ensuring that we are Faster To Any Size Disaster
  • Caring for your home and belongings as if they were our own

What is the mold remediation process?

Once you have called in a trustworthy local company, what can you expect?

The first stage is an assessment and drawing up a plan of action. Next, our team will set up containment and switch off fans and HVAC systems so the mold cannot spread. Then it is time to clean – we wipe, scrub, and blast surfaces until the mold has gone. We also use air scrubbers to trap mold particles and to deodorize your home.

Our crew will clean up after themselves before they leave and check in with you in a week to ensure you are happy.

If you need a top-rated Kansas City mold remediation company that cares, call SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa and SERVPRO of Blue Valley at (913) 782-4693.

What Information Can Job Scoping Determine About a Fire in Olathe?

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Job scoping is an essential component to fire restoration for Olathe homes and gets conducted by our highly trained project manager.

Preemptive planning and preparation for restoration and mitigation are vital in protecting Olathe homes after a fire. Between meeting the expectations and demands of our customers established during this walkthrough of the property to cataloging damages and total losses, we can ensure that claims get approved in a timely fashion to limit costlier deterioration and hazardous conditions.

The severity of fire damage in Olathe homes varies from one property to the next, making this evaluation a valuable effort to ensure that the right equipment, products, and personnel reach your residence as soon as possible. Some of the key elements to a successful damage assessment and job scoping phase include:

  • Pre-Existing Conditions – One critical point to evaluate when determining the work to get completed in a fire loss is what damage existed before the disaster. Not only can this save time for our restorers, but it reduces restoration costs for the customer.
  • Present Damages – Atmospheric readings, standing water from extinguishment, structural deterioration, and soot coatings can be immediate starting points addressed through mitigation.
  • Environmental Hazards – Soot particles and other contaminants circulating in the environment can provide threats to responding technicians. We can evaluate the need for machines like air scrubbers.
  • Safety Concerns – Structural weak points and other hazards that could lead to injury should get documented. 
  • Damaged Contents – Your personal belongings are often directly in the line of fire loss effects, requiring on and off-site cleaning and restoration.

How is SERVPRO Faster To Any Size Disaster?

Through pre-stocked trailers and an extensive roster of qualified professionals certified in Fire & Smoke Restoration and Odor Control, we can reach homes quickly after a fire. This prompt response can ensure that mitigation is more effective.

Fires can be a disastrous and dangerous situation for homeowners. Our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa team can help with a fast and knowledgeable response. Give us a call today at (913) 782-4693.

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A message from the Owner at SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa

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The Kansas City Star today published a remarkably candid story by Dr. Evan Shaw of Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Many of us are isolated in various ways. We're isolated from our social circles, work environments, family, friends, and loved ones to name a few. Dr. Shaw and indeed the entire global community of medical professionals, are isolated in their own very different way. His story in today's Star captures much of what we can only imagine goes on today inside our hospitals, emergency rooms, ambulances, senior living centers, etc. These remarkable people were drawn to the medical profession for their own unique reasons, but I would guess that few if any could imagine the reality in which they are now consumed. We are forever grateful to the professionals who make up this new-age army, from the doctors, the nurses, lab technicians, EMTs to the facility managers and custodians. You are the inspiring heroes of a generation. While your remarkable stories are just now being written, know that they will perpetually endure. Through a collaborative application of science and experience combined with your sacrifice and determination, we as a people will make it through this battle. We're tremendously grateful for and honored to know you.

With gratitude,

- Cory Bates, President @ SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa

#perspective #respect #covid19 #firstrespondersrule #bepositive

Water Damage In Your Kansas City Home

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Handling All Aspects of Water Damage in Kansas City

When people learn that you have a water spill in your home, the immediate assumption is that you only need to dry the affected items or areas, and life goes on as usual. However, water damage can involve problems more severe than wet materials. Professional restoration by SERVPRO addresses any advanced issues.

When a water damage incident in Kansas City affects wooden materials such as floorboards or furniture, physical deterioration can happen because of prolonged exposure, or even accelerated drying. Typical forms of deterioration due to extended exposure include warping, buckling, or even rotting. Fast or excessive drying can cause cracking. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on their advanced training to avoid these problems when resolving the loss at your property. We use high-efficiency water extractors, which expedite the removal process limiting the physical deterioration that occurs. During drying, we monitor the process regularly with moisture meters to ensure it progresses at the right speed.

When the water spill is from a clean source such as a water supply line, there is minimal worry about contaminants. However, microbial growth occurs even in clean water situations, especially if the restoration takes long. Apart from working fast, our SERVPRO technicians take other steps to control contaminants. We apply disinfectants and antimicrobial agents on surfaces when we clean them to stop or slow down microbial growth.

Sometimes water spills lead to long-term problems such as mold development or rotting. If a minor leak goes undetected for a long time, mold is likely to develop. Failure to dry all wet materials to standard levels or reduce humidity levels can also lead to such outcomes. Our crews use different techniques to avoid such outcomes. We use thermal cameras to reveal hidden wet spots. We also perform different tests to determine moisture levels, including using penetrative and non-penetrative moisture meters. We also use thermo-hygrometers to check the humidity levels in the air. With the correct readings, we can know how long to run dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the property.

Water damage can involve a wide range of problems. Call SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa at (913) 782-4693 to help. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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The Mission-driven Team at SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa Supports the Military

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News Release

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (February 13, 2020) – SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa owner Cory Bates is pleased to announce his company’s sponsorship of the USS KANSAS CITY (LCS 22). The goals of this commitment are to support the ship’s crew with ongoing morale building infrastructure, supply sustaining items the Navy does not provide, and to help fund scholarships that benefit the crew.

From assisting Olathe homeowners who have been devastated by a natural disaster to helping Fortune 100 companies rebuild after major destruction, this veteran-owned business provides quality service to people in their greatest time of need. The owner said the decision to sponsor the ship was a natural extension his time in the military.

“Though our company is very involved with various local charities and outreach programs including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City, supporting the crew of the USS KANSAS CITY is somewhat personal. I see it as a way for me to give back in appreciation for the education, discipline and rewarding experience received during my four years of Navy service that now helps me operate and grow SERVPRO every day,” Bates said.

“Our pledge to bring the highest level of restoration expertise to area victims of disasters and emergencies mirrors the mission-driven culture which is distinctive of the military,” Bates said. Each of the skilled and talented of restoration experts at SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa appreciates what the ship’s symbolism brings to our area and we are proud to start this journey with the Navy sailors who serve and protect our country.”

Christened in 2018, the 418-foot ship is described by the military as a high-speed, agile, multi-mission combatant that delivers superior seakeeping and performance. The Kansas City (LCS 22) is the 11th in the Independence-class coastal combat ships. The vessel is primarily intended to operate in shallow coastal waters, but also is compatible with sailing the open ocean. Featuring a modular design, the flight deck is the largest of any current U.S. Navy surface combatant, and two MH-60 helicopters fit in the hangar bay.

SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa actively recruits former service men and women. “The character and dependability of veterans are unrivaled,” said Bates. “These are the same skills we need on our team as we plan and implement clean up and restoration services which directly affect people’s lives in our community.” Current open positions include crew chief and production technician. To apply for a position, resumes should be emailed to

SERVPRO encourages everyone to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You can support the USS KANSAS CITY through a tax-deductible donation online or by mail at USS KANSAS CITY Commissioning Committee, P.O. Box 410584, Kansas City, MO 64141. For more information about the USS KANSAS CITY click here.

The trained team of specialists from SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa have been providing professional cleaning and emergency restoration services to the area since 1997. The company is a member of International Facility Management Association‎ (IFMA) and the Kansas City Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). For more information or for fast disaster cleanup and restoration services, call (913) 782-4693.

Kansas City Area Residences Benefit from SERVPRO Multi-Faceted Cleanup and Restoration Services

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side photo of SERVPRO SMR vehicle The SERVPRO Brand Means Great Cleanup and Restoration Results for Our Kansas City Neighbors, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Says--Call Us for Water, Fire, Storm, or Mold Damage Recovery to Your Kansas City Home

For more than two decades, we have been working closely with the homeowners and commercial properties of Kansas City to provide effective damage restoration after water, fire, mold, storm, and flood losses. We have worked hard to become a preferred vendor for insurance providers in the region as well as property management companies. There’s no job too small or large for our restoration professionals, and we have developed a skilled Catastrophic (CAT) Loss Team to handle substantial emergencies in massive structures throughout the city. No matter how we can help, we are only a phone call away for a free estimate and skilled restoration.


Water losses do not often get better without direct intervention. The longer that you sit and wait for the water restoration work that your Kansas City home needs, the more damage that can ultimately result. It is part of the reason why it is so essential to secure our SERVPRO team as quickly as possible so that the appropriate mitigation steps can begin to reduce further loss, irreparable damage, and a need for reconstruction.

Part of the effectiveness that we have had in our more than two decades as a loss restoration provider in the Kansas City area comes from a commitment to have experienced and skilled professionals on every job site. While water restoration is one of the most common niches that we must address as a recovery team, it is also one of the areas that we best prepare for by encouraging the majority of our technician roster to obtain accreditation through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in both Water Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD.)

We have advanced tools and technology that can quickly establish drier conditions in your water-damaged Kansas City home. We can make these conditions even more efficient with the daily monitoring of the drying process documented through our DryBook software. Monitoring progress details the ideal times to move equipment to new areas to continually maximize output and results.


We do not have time to waste when substantial storm systems and tornadoes affect Kansas City homes and businesses. With vulnerabilities and structural breaches in the buildings, there are direct pathways for water penetration and other detrimental effects. As a team rounded off by a division of skilled general contractors, we can provide emergency repairs and temporary construction solutions designed to seal up these breaches so that any interior restoration or remediation work can take place unhindered.

Storm damages terrible enough to allow flooding in Kansas City homes assuredly require reconstruction in some form, whether it involves vulnerabilities in the foundation of the property, the crawlspace, or roof damages. We have a full-service team of tradespeople capable of handling even advanced build back and reconstruction. These same professionals can also handle remodeling and renovation projects should you decide to modify your home’s design after these structural compromises come to light.

Flooding can leave standing water throughout the floors of your Kansas City home and require advanced tools and equipment to clear out. We have many extractors ranging from our wet-vacs and electric sump pumps to larger units like the trash pumps and engine-driven extractor trucks in our SERVPRO Green Fleet. We can manage these threats quickly by clearing out excess water and immediately starting practical drying approaches to protect installed construction materials whenever possible.


From the time that you first discover mold in your Kansas City home, much more could exist in areas that you do not see. As Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) trained in the identification and remediation of mold threats in your home, our SERVPRO team can help to determine the severity of microbial growth and spread throughout the property. Knowing the path of migration from the moisture source can ensure that later remediation efforts are thorough and sufficient.

We have many effective strategies for remediation to remove active colonization and mold damage in Kansas City homes. We always seek to provide our customers with the most cost-effective solutions, which in many cases is our abrasive cleaning techniques using compressed air and media like baking soda or dry ice pellets. These processes can remove the organism without marring the host material or compromising its structural integrity. If these efforts are in doubt, we also have the personnel to offer controlled demolition for the complete removal of damaged portions of material for an immediate turnaround on mold threats.

Odors are another concern for Kansas City homes contending with mold effects, as harsh, musty scents can spread out from the source of the mold damage into neighboring rooms, through the HVAC system, and penetrate nearby materials. Reducing these strong odors involves the use of various deodorization techniques, including air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, and ozone machines. All of these approaches add in a degree of added air filtration to the odor-elimination effects.


Various degrees of fire loss and recovery have also become a staple of the restoration services that our SERVPRO team has provided Kansas City for more than 20 years. Immediate mitigation solutions provide more cost-effective management of fire loss that reduces irreparable damage for our customers and better protects the things that matter most to them. An excellent example of this approach is our content management division of technicians. They can catalog damages to your belongings, but also safely pack and move at-risk possessions to our facility nearby for focused attention and remedial actions.

Smoke and soot damages are among the most challenging obstacles to overcome after fire losses, but our professionals have the tools and products to help. Soot can be an acidic and health-hazardous presence in your Kansas City household, so our team must deploy both cleaning strategies to remove adsorption threats and air quality equipment to remove harmful particulates circulating in the house.

Not everything in your Kansas City home can get restored and saved when fire disasters are severe enough. Having a team with the training and education to identify salvageable and non-salvageable contents and materials can save you time and money on the restoration efforts to follow, and the reconstruction needs your house might also have.

We are a local, preferred vendor that can help you when disaster strikes. Give our SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa team a call today at (913) 782-4693.

SERVPRO Professionals in Kansas City Talk About the Water Restoration Process

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SERVPRO drying equipment and drying mats being used on water damaged hardwood We have specialized equipment, like these drying mats, to restore your home after any kind of water loss event.

Why SERVPRO Monitors Your Kansas City Water Damage Remediation Closely 

Although it would be a relief after the stress of coming to terms with your Kansas City water loss, most wet structures and contents take more than a day or two to dry out completely. Unlike other service calls, the time frame for recovery from a water emergency is dependent on much more than the skills of our technicians. Our intentional balance of speed with the restoration industry's best practice monitoring is why we complete jobs with confidence. 

Periodic Monitoring Is Best Practice 

Every Kansas City water damage project is unique, and periodic monitoring must follow an individualized assessment. Good reasons exist for following the progress of your water cleanup, but the implementation can feel intrusive. Monitoring is essential to a successful outcome, why we build it into the overall plan for each water damage project. 

Reasons for Job Monitoring 

Four primary rationales exist for why SERVPRO promotes regular review of your water damage recovery

Ensuring the Structure is Moving Toward Drying Goals 

Although we are patient, we must be realistic about the progress made. If drying takes too long, your home risks exacerbation of primary and the risk of secondary water damage. Monitoring allows us the notice needed to adjust our approach for a faster result. 

Reassuring that the Equipment Used Continues to Work Safely and Properly 

The up to date equipment we use for water damage remediation must be operating as intended to achieve the drying goals. Checking to see if the machines are on and running as expected is the key to project planning fidelity.  

Providing Updates for the Homeowner 

The road from soaked to dry can be a long and disruptive one for you as a homeowner. Checking in with the homeowner bolsters confidence that progress is occurring and reinforces the feeling of partnership we strive to develop. 

Documenting the Process 

Monitoring reports ensure that training and research-based practices guide the progress of the project. Questions from insurers or other contractors answer more easily with consistently gathered data.  

Our desire to avoid future problems and liability is why SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa regularly monitors water damage drying progress. Call us at (913) 782-4693 to begin the process of restoring your water damaged home to "Like it never even happened." 

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Kansas City Mold Infestations Succumb to the Cleanup and Disinfection by SERVPRO

11/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Helps with Mold Remediation Challenges in Kansas City

Mold development in our area is not a desirable outcome for various reasons, including the deterioration it causes to various materials. Mold remediation is an elaborate process comprising several steps.

Some challenges can also develop complicating the process further. Mold spores in Kansas City occur naturally in the air, which means that proliferation can happen at any time. It affects a wide range of materials, including:

    Leather Items
    Wood Items

Safety During the Remediation Process

During or after the mold remediation processes in Kansas City, there is a risk of exposure to mold debris through skin contact or inhalation. Such exposure can lead to health effects. Our SERVPRO technicians take steps to minimize the chances of such contact for the team fixing the problem and the house occupants. We create physical barriers with plastic sheets and zipper-lock access, isolating the affected areas from the rest of the home. We also run negative air pressure machines when demolishing infested areas such as walls preventing the spread of spores and other debris through the air. Our skilled team can rig poly ducts, connected to air scrubbers or air movers, to channel work area interior air to the exterior of the building. This is another effort to mitigate the potential for contaminating clean areas of the structure.

Spot Stain Removal

Mold affects materials in different ways, including compromising the structural integrity by consuming the organic material as food. For contents such as upholstery, staining might occur. The staining may be classified as a color-adding type of soiling and may be reversed by removing the mold residues. Our SERVPRO technicians use spot stain removal to deal with the stains first. If necessary, we can clean the entire item using specialized upholstery cleaning equipment, which helps eliminate other soils and the musty odor from the mold.

Having the Right Cleaning Agents

Mold infestations can recur even after thorough removal efforts. Having the right cleaning agents helps suppress growth immediately after finishing the remediation process. AMRT, Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians from SERVPRO use different chemical agents to stop and delay growth. Cleaning agents with antimicrobial properties help stop current growth. We also use disinfectants such as phenols and alcohols to destroy the microorganisms.

Restoring mold-damaged properties can present many challenges. Call SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa at (913) 782-4693 to help resolve the problem, "Like it never even happened."

We Are The Leader In Olathe Fire Damage Restoration

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An outdoor kitchen fire We responded immediately and began the clean up process after this outside kitchen caught fire. We rebuilt the area back to normal conditions.

Why SERVPRO Uses Immersion Cleaning Strategies for Fire Damage in Olathe

The household goods, furnishings, and personal possessions you treasure in your Olathe home are very much at risk for permanent damage in the aftermath of a fire. Our team of technicians possesses skills not limited merely to returning the walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces of your home to preloss condition. We also house resources at our production facility that can deep clean significantly soiled contents. Why do we have these options? They can avoid the expense of purchasing new items and also permit you to save articles for which you have a sentimental attachment.

When Would We Use Immersion Cleaning?

When you experience fire damage in Olathe, it becomes clear quickly that no surface nor item is safe from the residues smoke creates. Although some of the coatings left are light and ashy, these relatively easy to remove debris only form when a hot, paper or wood fire is the cause. As a fire moves through your home, many materials burn. Plastics, rubbers, synthetic fabrics, and proteins leave residues tightly adhered and harder to remove. Often the non-porous contents of your home are covered in thick, sticky, or lacquer-like soot, which is why we feel immersion cleaning can be very useful in removal.

How Does Immersion Cleaning Work?

Soot particles are tiny and can fill in the gaps, folds, cracks, and crevices on articles like blinds and intricately detailed decor. Why SERVPRO chooses to use immersion strategies is that soaking an object with appropriate cleaners can loosen the soot and grime. We make sure the object can withstand complete saturation, and often use a sink or basin to hold the cleaning solution and the soiled objects. After a soak, our technicians use towels or brushes to dislodge the residues, paying close attention to prevent breakage, yet remove the fire damage.

What Is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Speed and even more efficiency are why SERVPRO chooses in some circumstances to use ultrasonic cleaning. We immerse the objects in an ultrasonic tank filled with the selected cleaning solution. Millions of bubbles generate when high-frequency sound compresses and expands the molecules of water mixed with a cleaner in the tank. The bubbles implode, compressing inward and creating an immediate increase in temperature and microscopic jet streams of cleaning solution, agitating and scrubbing residues off the objects. Only specially trained technicians control the ultrasonic process, ensuring items treated are not too delicate and that proper adjustments are made and monitored.

Specialized training and innovative equipment are why SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa can meet a broad range of contents fire damage cleaning needs. Contact us for a consultation at (913) 782-4693.

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Ultimate Solution For Kansas City Excess Water Removal

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Why SERVPRO Ranks Near the Top Among Water Removal Firms in Kansas City

Nothing gets a Kansas City homeowner’s attention faster than quantities of water pooling up because of a plumbing failure or appliance breakdown. Complicating the situation is the fact that water rapidly drains and seeps away, making it seem like a problem no longer exists. Allowing water to soak into structures or building cavities without a response nearly guarantees the ongoing deterioration of building materials and the potential for mold growth. Our training and specialized equipment are why we can find ways to address these possibilities before they happen.

Locating the Path of Water Migration is Critical

When you experience a leak or flooding, fast and complete water removal in your Kansas City residence is vital. The trick is that it is challenging to ensure all the water is collected and disposed of without professional moisture detection tools. Our managers and technicians learn state of the art methods to find and follow water migration during the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training. The industry best practices we master are why we are adept in locating hidden water, and the cutting edge, commercial-grade equipment we stock on our service vehicles make releasing and extracting the water efficient and thorough.

Extract First, Dry Later

Research shows that pumping and extracting liquid water out of spaces, hidden or not, dramatically improves the speed and effectiveness of structural drying techniques. Our crews understand this crucial relationship, which is why SERVPRO waits to determine dying goals until after as much water as possible exits your home. Drying might take hours or a day or two if adequate water removal precedes it. Relying on fans and dehumidifiers alone could take a week or more, with porous building materials lost during the delay.

The 24 to 48 Hour Window

Because mold can begin growing in as few as 24 hours after a water loss, rapid water removal followed by intensive drying efforts is mandatory. Scalable crews and extensive inventories of water extraction and drying equipment are why SERVPRO can deliver a fast and completed result in your home within that brief timeframe.

Preparation and professionalism are why SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa can transform a wet mess into “Like it never even happened.” quickly. Call us at (913) 782-4693 to get our highly-qualified crews on the job.

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Why SERVPRO is Your First Choice for Flood Damage in Olathe

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SERVPRO drying mats on hardwood floor No matter the flood damage to your home, SERVPRO can help! We have the equipment and expertise to handle your emergency restoration needs.

Two Decades of Successful Flood Damage Remediation Is Why SERVPRO Ranks as an Olathe Disaster Recovery Leader 

Over a year, the extremes of weather seen in Olathe can bring homeowners flooding challenges. Mitigation and remediation of the soaked structure, fixtures, and contents are not undertakings you can complete on your own. The challenge is why our team of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians commits to deliver services that meet or exceed disaster recovery industry best practices. 

Storms During Any Season Expose Structures to Flooding 

Precipitation in all its forms causes Olathe flood damage throughout the year. Heavy rains and fierce winds or even tornadoes during the warmer months allow water to intrude due to flash flooding or exterior damage. The sleet and snow of winter work its way inside homes because of ice dams or blizzards that break tree limbs and topple power lines onto structures. Inches to feet of water inside your home spells disaster year-round, why we invest in employee training and cutting edge equipment to respond efficiently to disasters. 

Rapid Water Removal 

When floodwaters fill the lower levels of your home, a professional response needs to occur immediately. Water is an incredibly destructive force, and floodwaters add potential exposure to harmful pathogens and chemicals to the mix. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, arriving with highly-qualified teams and fully-stocked service vehicles. Our prompt response by trained and well-equipped technicians is why SERVPRO ranks as one of the disaster recovery industry leaders in our region. As experienced managers assess the scene, our workforce secures your dwelling and begins extracting the floodwaters. Containment and appropriate disposal, following local hazardous waste regulations, follows.   

Disinfection and Thorough Structural Drying 

Surfaces affected by the floodwater receive treatment from EPA-registered antimicrobial products. We use moisture detection devices to monitor structural component water absorption levels. Infrared imaging helps our team find trapped water via temperature discrepancy data. Releasing, collecting, and disposing of the hidden water is essential to preparing the spaces for the drying phase. Comprehensive water extraction is why SERVPRO drying times are reasonable. The air movers and heaters positioned correctly facilitate the movement of water from building materials into the air as vapor. Our high-efficiency dehumidifiers then condense or absorb the vapor for disposal.  

Over 20 years of experience is why SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa delivers superior flood recovery results. One call to (913) 782-4693 gets the process underway, 24/7.

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Why SERVPRO Ensures You Deal with Fire Damage in Your Lenexa Home Conveniently

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Let us show you the way with your Lenexa home fire.

Fire incidents cause significant financial losses in terms of damaged materials, contents, as well as secondary costs, such as seeking alternative accommodation during the restoration of your home. Having the right insurance cover can take care of the costs. However, it does not eliminate the inconveniences that fire damage incidents cause. Hiring a professional team like SERVPRO can help minimize the inconveniences in different ways.

The longer the time spent fixing fire damage issues in Lenexa homes, the more inconveniences one has to face. Some secondary problems like rusting and staining of metallic and stone surfaces develop because of the corrosive nature of soot and other smoke residues, thus driving the costs involved up. Our SERVPRO crews can work faster because we have a sufficient workforce to tackle various steps simultaneously. We also have power tools to simplify processes such as demolition of affected walls, ceilings, and floors.

Cleaning the fire-damaged property is an essential part of the restoration process. Depending on the specifics of the incidents, it might involve several sections and items. It might also involve massive deposits, especially on the contents. Among other things, cleaning requires space. Our SERVPRO crews arrange to work conveniently onsite when there is enough space and offsite if there is no room. We handle the move-out and safe offsite storage of all contents.

Since cleaning involves different aspects, including removal of dry and wet residues, stains as well as managing odor, a range of equipment is necessary to complete the tasks. Our SERVPRO teams use a wide range of equipment to deal with specific cleaning challenges. With soda blasting equipment, we can clean slightly charred materials or areas with massive residue deposits. We also have ultrasonic cleaners, which use sound waves that create and implode millions of vapor bubbles, creating a convenient way to clean contents through immersion.

There is nothing convenient about fire damage. However, seeking help can reduce the inconveniences of restoration. Call SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa at (913) 782-4693 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Why SERVPRO Uses Advanced Equipment to Restore Water Damage in Olathe Homes

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Water Loss Incidents in Olathe Properties Benefit from SERVPRO Restoration

A water loss incident creates many challenges apart from leaving materials and contents in the house wet. Several approaches can help restore your Olathe property to its preloss state. SERVPRO prefers to use advanced equipment to complete various tasks to ensure the best outcome. Among the sophisticated tools we bring to your loss site are:

  • Luminometers and Moisture Meters
  • Upholstery Cleaning Machines
  • LGR Dehumidifiers
  • Stationary and Self-propelled Deep Extractors

When dealing with clean water damage incidents in Olathe, microbes, and contaminants are probably the last things one would think about as a threat. However, various issues, including taking too long before starting the water removal and restoration, can lead to microbial growth. Contaminants can also originate from many areas, including materials dissolved by the spilled water. Having Luminometers on-site helps our SERVPRO technicians test surfaces and water for organic contaminants, though in flash flooding incidents, these are more commonly needed.

Soiled upholstery items require proper cleaning. Water spills can soil upholstery in many ways, including dyes in adjacent contents running or debris swept by the water. Cleaning upholstered furnishings is challenging because of the different materials they are made from and their bulky nature. Our SERVPRO teams overcome this challenge easily by using specialized upholstery cleaning machines, which provide better agitation and rinsing capabilities, cleaning all traces of the soiling.

Proper extraction of water from wet areas is an essential part of the restoration process, though not always easy. Carpeted areas absorb most of the water lengthening the extraction process. Our SERVPRO technicians use weighted tools such as water claws or ride-on high volume extraction rovers to simplify the process. The weight of the equipment or the technician squeezes water from the carpet before the extractor sucks it out. We attempt in place drying whenever possible to salvage the floor coverings. Our crew is well versed in "floating" a carpet, lifting it from the edges to introduce a warm air circulation to expedite evaporation. Then we have advanced dehumidification equipment such as LGR dehumidifiers, which can reduce humidity in the air to as low as 40gpp, improving the drying process.

The right equipment can help ease the restoration of a water-damaged property. Call SERVPRO of Olathe / Lenexa at (913) 782-4693. We have a fully equipped team to tackle any issue, "Like it never even happened."

3 Ways Pretesting Can Help Your Client’s Business

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If you have any questions your restoration professional may be able to help.

3 Ways Pretesting Can Help Your Client’s Business

If a business in Olathe, KS has suffered water damage then the first step that many water damage restoration professionals may take is pretesting. This process can help your company in a number of ways.

1. This Process Helps Determine Restorability

Your insurance agent may recommend a restoration company that can perform this step, as in many cases it may save both your business, and your claim some money. The restoration of existing materials often costs less than replacing them, and a pretest can allow the restoration company to know which parts of the damaged area can best be restored before beginning work.

2. It Can Help Determine the Damage Type and Severity

The process of pretesting can also help the restoration company determine the damage type and how severe it may be. In the case of water damage, it may also allow professionals to look for any signs of mold that may be growing as a result. Knowing these things can allow for a proper plan of action for any repairs and restoration needs to be made.

3. It Allows the Development of a Restoration Plan

The ability to know the restoration plan, and where the company is in performing this restoration, may help your agent process insurance claim. Doing a pretest help the restoration company formulate a plan of action. This may include if any steps need to be performed before the restoration starts, what cleaning needs to be done, and which areas of damaged need to be addressed first

A water damage restoration service recommended by your insurance agents may start with pretesting for a number of reasons. This process can help them determine the damage type and severity, if and which materials can be restored rather than replaced, and what the best plan of action will be to get your company building back in order. If you have any questions your restoration professional may be able to help.

SERVPRO Is the Superhero of Franchise Business Models

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Visit the SERVPRO franchise opportunities website

Would You Like to Become a Successful Franchise Owner?

There are thousands of choices, but how do you pick the right one for you? Start by examining the top tier of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list. If you like to work with your hands, the SERVPRO franchise may be your top choice.

Entrepreneur Magazine does not casually rank franchises. Each one earns its position. The ranking of each franchise takes many attributes into account. These include its growth potential, standing in the marketplace and investment cost. There are several reasons why SERVPRO is a great franchise to own.

  1. SERVPRO corporation has a vested interest in your success. Many of the top franchises sell food. Few cities or towns are going to suffer if a fast-food restaurant shuts down. As a SERVPRO franchisee in the  Edgerton, KS, area, your business is locally owned and operated. However, when disaster strikes, SERVPRO responds with teams from all over the country. At times, your personnel and equipment will be part of those teams. Your local franchise is an essential piece in the disaster recovery plan.
  2.  Your SERVPRO team receives training and earns certification. As a franchisee, you will work in businesses and residences. You will clean and restore fire, water, flood, smoke and storm damage. You will remediate mold. As a SERVPRO employee, you will learn the proper techniques. Once you have shown proficiency, you will become IICRC certified. The IICRC is a nationally recognized certification. It documents the holder’s competence in a cleaning category.
  3. The SERVPRO opportunity is moderately priced. If you wanted a burger franchise, the cost could be in the millions. With SERVPRO, the financial investment is a small fraction.

However, the investment is more than about money. To be successful, you need to have passion and drive. You must believe in what you do and the people you serve.
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How To Avoid Kitchen Fires in Your Home

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Tips: How To Prevent a Kitchen Fire

Fires often start in a home’s kitchen and can quickly cause devastating amounts of damage. Fortunately, there are several tips that can help you prevent a kitchen fire in your home in Lenexa, KS.

1. Know How To Use Your Appliances

Whether the appliances in your kitchen are new, or you’ve had them for years, you can decrease the risk of a kitchen fire if you’re experienced in using them. If you have recently purchased new equipment, it can be helpful to read over the guide that came with it to ensure you understand how it operates. Even with appliances you’ve owned for a long time, it’s often wise to refresh your memory and make sure you can turn them off quickly if necessary.

2. Understand Common Causes of Fires

Knowing what issues can cause a kitchen fire can help you prevent one from occurring. Grease and oil are common culprits of kitchen blazes. A grease fire can become difficult to manage, especially if you’re not sure how to extinguish it quickly. Several tips for preventing this type of disaster include cooking oil at the appropriate temperature, not leaving items unattended while cooking and keeping baking soda (not baking powder) nearby to put out small fires.

3. Keep Appropriate Equipment Close

In addition to preventative measures, it’s often wise to keep equipment nearby or in your kitchen to quickly put out flames. Having a fire extinguisher that can be used on different types of blazes (often referred to as an A-B-C extinguisher) can help to douse larger fires. Being prepared with the right equipment can help you quickly manage a fire and provide you with peace of mind.

Understanding how to appropriately use your appliances, knowing common causes of fires and keeping useful equipment nearby are tips that can help you prevent a kitchen tragedy in your home. If you’ve had a fire occur in your residence, consider contacting fire damage restoration professionals.

How Can I Find Mold in My Building?

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Mold containment in a Gardner,KS office

Some Ways You Can Find Mold in Your Building

You may be concerned about mold growth in your building in Gardner, KS. Maybe your concern is due to the nature of your business and the need for a clean environment, or maybe it is for the benefit of your employees. Either way, you want to be sure your building doesn’t have a mold problem and need help finding any source of mold. Since mold is abundant in the environment, indoors and out, but it may be hard to find colonies since they thrive in places where you are not frequenting. Here are some ways you can find mold:

  • Consider an indoor environmental specialist. A specialist may also use special equipment to detect hidden moisture, where your mold source might be hard to see.
  • Check out all plumbing areas. Look for slow leaks as well as obvious ones. If you suspect a pipe is leaking but can’t see it in action, wrap a paper towel or cloth towel around it and check it later to see if it is saturated.
  • Look for old water damage. If you had water damage from a natural flood or an indoor pipe failure, then recheck the area affected. Improper repairs may hide moisture that is still present.
  • Follow your nose. Notice any musty smelling areas? Try to pinpoint the source of the moisture.

The indoor envirinomental specialist may do a mold test. This is especially important to check an area that was thought to be cleaned or that may have been damaged by water long ago.

Mold Remediation

Once the source of mold has been identified, the indoor environmental specialists will work with a professional mold remediator to focus on containment, removal and disinfecting of the contaminated area. Sometimes the mold gets into hard to reach spots and porous building materials that may need removed and replaced, but the right specialist can handle all aspects of your recovery from inspection to rebuild.

4 Steps for Recovering From a Business Fire

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Electronics had smoke and soot damage after a small fire in a Lenexa,KS office

Smoke Damage

It doesn't take much time for fire to derail your successful business, and when the smoke clears, you still have a long process of cleanup to tackle. After all, smoke damage settles into furnishings, inventory, and even the walls and floors of buildings. Take the following steps to success`fully deal with the damage.

1. Discuss Costs and Coverage With Your Insurance Provider

There are many cleaning and restoration professionals available who provide soot damage and smoke cleaning services. Some insurance plans cover this type of service. As you discuss the details of coverage with your insurance agent, consider asking about the following services:

  • Protecting property from more damage
  • Completing repairs for existing damages
  • Storing inventory
  • Remodeling buildings and structures on the property
  • Replacing property, belongings, and inventory that are beyond repair

The better you understand your coverage, the better prepared you'll be to oversee the recovery process.

2. Restore and Replace Valuable Documents

Just about every business has important documents on-site. These may include proof of licensing, business credit cards, employee records, billing documents, contracts with providers, and even cash. Moving paperwork to a clean, dry location, away from further smoke damage, should help protect documents and help you get your business back on track as quickly as possible.

3. Save Receipts for Everything

Keep receipts and make a record of any money you spend that is related to the fire. The insurance company will need those records, and you may use them later to prove losses while completing taxes. Consider talking to an accountant for more information about special tax benefits.

4. Maintain Communication With Local Officials

Protect the safety of your employees, buildings, and other officials by alerting the fire and police departments to your comings and goings. Don't enter buildings or use utilities until you've had official permission. Discuss problems with your landlord or insurance company.

These four steps can help you and your Lenexa,KS, business recover from fire and smoke damage. What have you already done to protect your business and property from fire dangers?

4 Steps to Storm Preparedness

11/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Preparedness

If you are a homeowner in Edgerton, KS, you have probably thought about what might happen if a storm causes your house to flood. Planning is always important where storm safety is concerned, especially if you live in a flood zone. Here are four steps that you can take to prepare your home and family for a potential storm involving flood water.

1. Sign Up for Local Alerts

If your community offers an emergency warning system, sign up for it as soon as you can. Alerts are also provided by the Emergency Alert System and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Radio.

2. Determine Your Flood Risk

Do you live in a flood zone? If you don't know, it may be time to visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Flood Map Service Center online to find out. If it turns out that floods are a significant concern in your area, you will likely want to purchase flood insurance for your property.

3. Protect Valuables

Valuables can easily become damaged from flood water. Protect yours by keeping gutters and drains cleared, purchasing a battery-operated sump pump and moving said items to higher levels in your house. Important paperwork should be digitized and stored in a waterproof box to protect it from water damage in a flooded building.

4. Plan Your Escape

Having a smart escape route in place is important when a flood is threatening your home. Put a plan for emergency shelter in place, and practice various escape paths with your family on a regular basis. Having supplies such as batteries and medicine on hand is also very important.

Your first priority with flood water is to get yourself and your loved ones to safety. Your property also matters, but storm damage restoration specialists can typically help you resolve any damage that does occur. Planning ahead of time by following the steps above puts you in a better position to keep your family and your investments safer in a flood-related storm.